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01 May 2006

I love Comedy…

I had such fun last night at Blackfriars comedy club. The whole place has been completely changed and renovated. The sad thing is, the owners have installed a huge fuck off Air Conditioning/ Smoke extractor system that racks its way across the ceiling, huge big silver cylindrical tubes snaking its way all around the room and all it manages to do is carry the music from upstairs – to the downstairs comedy room, and Scotland has a no smoking ban! All that cash and hard work for nothing!

I had a great gig though, a lovely wee intimate gig, just about 50 people sitting round me, I sat on a tall stool at the microphone and had such a relaxed yet – funny time. I have never enjoyed a gig so much in ages.

Today, I uploaded some more of the footage that Ashley filmed down in the Glasgow Green; I made it into a small video that I will put on my Livedigital webpage this week.

I have spent all day trying not to argue with husband, he is making me mental by repeating the same thing over and over to me when he explains stuff he needs me to do before I go away next week.
Maybe I am just being nasty again; I am so stressed at times and chilled out at others.

It’s my big sister Ann’s birthday this week, she will 50 years of age!
I can’t believe she is middle aged (like I am not?) I love my sister; she has been a rock in my life since we were wee kids. She has four kids and four grandchildren….soon to be five as my niece is expecting a baby this year.
I still think of my big sister as the lassie in the blue dress, thick Alice band holding down a head of chunky dark hair, atop a very determined face that always got her way. My sister was not the kind of girl who let other walk over her; if I was getting bullied…Ann sorted it out!

So after a whole week of self reflection and spending too much time in my own head I have came to the conclusion that I need to just get on with life and stop analysing every fucking emotion my body goes through!

I want to thank everyone who has sent me lovely comments supporting me through the past few weeks, when I was under stress and pouring some of that out on my blog here.
I have been meeting deadlines for the Edinburgh Fringe and it was getting so difficult to work away and get everything done.
Maria at Printlink has been a hero, spending time with me, poring over the tiny details of my posters and making sure they were perfect for me.
So one week till we go to London and then onto Los Angeles and then onto New Zealand.
I will be taking you all with me, also I will be doing live blogs from Auckland and Wellington._

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  1. Jane, love your site, but dont often write anything!

    Im a novice stand up and did a set in there to, hmmmm 5 people a few weeks ago and that fucking air condition ruined the set and reduced the laughts by about 25% . Yes the air conditioning to blame! bit different for you with a packed house! so hope to see u perform when i get back.