What's new with Janey
24 April 2006

Home and Away….

Being home is good, I am so glad to get into my own bed. Feels better and I slept well, I even made a few funny pics and put them on my Livedigital website.
I had such a silly situation at the NZ High Commission in London, I realised that I did not have a special document from Equity Actors Union in NZ that allows me to get a work permit. That has now been resolved and now on the day of travel to NZ (May 8th) I have to go to the NZ High Commission and pick up the permit, I know that’s cutting it a bit fine….but you know me, nothings worth doing unless we have a drama ensuing.
No doubt Ashley will be there with her camera, as I run to the place and sweat and beg to get the last minute documentation. I am such an arse for forgetting it.
Ashley and I will be attending the BAFTA TV awards the night before on the 7th of May, we will both not really be partying too hard as we do have the permit to pick up and a long haul flight to deal with.
I am not looking forward to that, she is a moany bitch when she is tired and she is tall and will not fit into the seats all that way, so if anyone is reading this and they work for BA please upgrade us?
I made a few funny satirical pictures about George Bush and posted them on my Livedigital site and the amount of patriotic US citizens that gave me hell was so funny and surprising, but I suppose there must be some supporters or he would never have got voted back in?
I have no idea what to wear to the BAFTA TV awards this year, Ashley bought a pair of high heels today, which will now make her seven foot tall! I mean she already is very tall, why she needs heels I will never know? I need stilts to make tall enough to wear any clothes that look good.
At least I have lost some weight, but my boobs are still humongous and now I look strange. I would love to be thin enough to wear a really sexy slinky black dress that clings in all the right ways, but sadly I must adhere to the – all – over – blousy- black – look- that covers me up.
Ashley told me today how she got chatted up by a cute guy, but she describes her feelings as ‘A hedgehog whose prickles come out all over and she rolls into a ball’ with embarrassment when guys talk to her, yet on stage she has the confidence of kick-boxer on speed. So strange, yet so normal I suppose.
I did a gig in London last week, after I came off people chatted to me and I get ever so uncomfortable with strangers especially after I come off stage, this one woman tried to talk to me and I mumbled something and she then said loudly “You are so rude, I was telling you how good you were and you just ignore me, you are a pompous bitch stuck up your own ass”
I was horrified and tried to explain that I am shy with complete strangers but as there was no where else to go I was thrust into the audience and had to talk to people. I would rather meet them outside comedy and then I can chat ok, its hard to explain but I must come across as really off – hand and difficult or a real prima donna, which I am not. I can talk for Britain, but not with audience members after a gig for some odd reason.
In suppose I don’t really have confidence at all, all I have is a stage persona that’s bigger and more confident than my own personality.
I am sorry this blog is a day behind but I have been so lazy. Thanks all_