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15 April 2006

London and Life…

Well the flight was fine, I am in London and all is well. Am staying at the lovely apartments down in Westminster thanks to Crown Lawn who always look after me!
I have managed not to call husband and fight with him, we have put our ‘Celebrity Death Squabble’ on hold as I try to get everything organised for the Edinburgh fringe, and then we will continue the fight. I am just too busy to argue with the bastard just now, maybe later. He really needs a toffee hammer in his eye when he gets like this.
Last night I went to the Beauberry Restaurant over in West Dulwich, my old mate Ibi owns it. You really need to see this place to appreciate the architecture. It’s an amazing old building that used to be a stately home. The outside is totally white and over looks a beautiful park at the back terrace. The interior was so sharp and classy with cutting edge dynamic design (I think I could be a restaurant critic eh?)
The chairs in the main dining room are the brightest most startling orange you can imagine and they are flocked (fuzzy covered fine texture) this is set against the cool whites of the walls!
Ibi and I had dinner together, it was lovely to see him and eating with the owner in any fancy restaurant is always a delight!
Ibi picked the ‘black cod’ for me. Apparently this is the signature dish that made Nobu restaurant famous.
The fish lives under thick ice and has no fat or thick skin. It is marinated for three days and then roasted….it was heavenly. I cannot tell you how delicious that fish was, and washed down with expensive champagne…I was in heaven.
Ibi and I chatted about old times, I knew him ten years ago when he worked alongside an old mate of mine.
The restaurant really is of the highest standard, I cannot wait to go back there, it has two other bars and upstairs has two separate rooms, one which I may be organising comedy for in late 2006. How exciting! Comedy and good fish!
So today I went to BBC to record the radio show ‘Loose Ends’ I was interviewing TV presenter Ashley Hames about his new TV show on Bravo called Mans World.
The show takes him all over the world as he takes part in some of the most dangerous jobs on the planet including Narcotics Police patrol in Colombia and Tree felling with the Heli loggers in Canada.
He was a really funny and interesting guy, the show is truly fucking funny and addictive so go check it out on Bravo UK. My daughter is a big fan of his and was chuffed that I had chatted to him.
So here I am sitting in on a Saturday night getting ready to go out, trying hard not to admit my eyesight is fucked. I was in the shower and tried to read the back of a shampoo bottle, but I just couldn’t make the words out, I concluded it must be the stuff in my eyes, but when I got out of the shower I tried to read it again and ……there is no chance my eyes can make out the words so I am old and that’s the end of that.
I am off to get knitting patterns and collect pictures of kittens._