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13 April 2006

Stress and Screaming loudly…

Standing in the street screaming into your mobile and swearing so loudly in front of small children isn’t how I saw my life to be perfectly frank.
Older people looked at me with disgust…and so they fucking should. I looked like a scary woman who has managed to convince psychologists to let her out of the psyche ward, yet still had the urge to kill on release.
I will tell you why I am so fucked up and stressed, the original designer of my posters was so inept at Photoshop I had to sit with him and talk him through it step by step, this is fine I hear you say but he was charging me £200 to design my stuff and he wasn’t actually a designer.
So I then had to take my ideas for my two main advert/posters that are going into the Edinburgh Fringe brochure at a cost of £1,200 a pop ( How fucking expensive is that?)….I need to get it right and meet the deadline which is next week and I wont be in Glasgow to proof it. So it all needs to be done by email and txt messages which make me mental.
So there I was standing in the street screaming into my mobile at some unreasonable person who had decided to change the sizes of the lay out.
I have designed the posters, the one for The Point of Yes (my one woman play about a woman’s choice with heroin) I took a photo of my daughter in the street. She was sitting up against a wall in a dirty jacket, burning what appeared to be heroin in a bent spoon. As I was getting the shot this older man passing by shouted at me “That’s a fucking disgrace taking pictures of that poor drug addict, go away ye dirty bastard”
I tried to explain it was a photo shoot until my daughter shouted “Help, I am a junkie and she keeps taking my photos”
The man chased me half way down the street as Ashley sat there and laughed at me.
So I now have that poster image settled and I am very chuffed with it, I need to get the other three done.
I am off to London in the morning; I have work down there and will be catching up with my best mate Monica who has just moved office to fashionable Chelsea, where she lives. I cannot wait to see it and share her celebration of her company getting bigger and more successful.
You can catch me on BBC radio 4 on Saturday at 6pm on Loose Ends.
I will soon have the posters uploaded onto my website, there is also a new live blog on livedigital go there and check it out._