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08 April 2006

Cardiff and no internet…

This city is strange but nice, it has a castle, it has a river, and it has a lovely exhibition centre but no internet. I have walked up and down the streets asking people if there are any internet shops….yet no…So I wander into this really funky organic looking cafe and ask the man if they had internet. He explained that they have wi-fi but alas I didn’t have my pc with me, just then a big guy standing beside me offered to let me use his PC. He was tall, had a pony tail, hippy looking dress sense and a strange accent, so I said “Thanks!”.
So I have a new friend, he is a computer expert and is from Bulgaria, he let me sit and write this blog, so therefore he is KING! He explained he doesn’t use Windows or anything Microsoft or Apple as he has his own programme, he says those people from Microsoft are the DEVIL and Mac aren’t much better….cool!
I checked into the hotel yesterday really early as my flight from Glasgow was at 9am, so I begged to get into my room early. The girl on reception refused, so I burst into tears!
The hotel is called The Big Sleep which is actually a big fat lie, my room overlooks a railway line and trains go past loudly every fucking ten minutes.
Husband has been annoying, after being married 25 years, we have a code, a language that only we know and we use by noting each others tone and double meaning behind every loaded statement we make to each other. Yet lately he has been really nice and helpful and I meanwhile have been talking in our well honed ‘nasty code’ and he has never risen to the bait…has he forgot our ‘code’?
I can’t have him being nice and saying things like “Janey what is it you really want to say? Are you upset about something?”
So I say “What do you think?” (In code that means yes you cunt I am upset now guess why)
So I am scared he has forgotten how to argue with me….how strange would that be?
Lying in the hotel in Cardiff, trying to work out what way to argue and rile my husband is not a good way to spend the night.
By the way Cardiff Jongleurs has a really echo-y microphone and sound system…so strange but the shows have been cool.
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