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06 April 2006

Bird flu and comedy…

I was so exhausted this morning; I never really slept last night. I have been worried sick about getting everything done and organised for Edinburgh. Yet it seems the more I stress the less actually gets fucking done!
What is wrong with me? At least I am off the fags and that can only be a good thing but I suspect coming off the nicotine is actually really hard this time.
Ashley is being ‘Hormonal Hannah’ this week, she snaps easily, you mustn’t even look at her the wrong way or you get serious verbal lashings from the prettiest face and loveliest mouth.
So this morning I got up and got ready to go down to Scotstoun where Ashley and I were doing our sketches and having them filmed for a TV company to have a look at. We have never performed them in front of anyone before; this is the first time anyone has seen them live. We were both nervous tired and hormonal.
The problem is Ashley makes me laugh just by one look, honestly she can stand there, lift one eyebrow and I am in stitches laughing my ass off.
We welcomed the guy who was setting up a huge camera and helped the woman unload the big sound stick that was to hover over our heads.
Ashley and I adlibbed a lot of the scenes and we both were scared to look at the people in case no one had smiled, you see we don’t really know if the public will laugh at what we perceive to be funny, but our fears were unfound as the guys were chortling away as the worked around us with the camera and sound equipment.
It gave us both a bit more confidence and Ashley is a great physical actor, her strange walk and mad faces were coming thick and fast, she really does respond to an audience and I cannot wait to go on stage at Edinburgh to do our sketch show.
So bird flu has arrived in Scotland, a swan died of the virulent killer strain and we are now all scared birds are going to fucking kill us!
I saw a dead pigeon today and my heart raced, I had to jump over it as I went to the shops. It made me recall how last year at Edinburgh Festival there were loads of dead birds all around the area we were staying; I thought the local squirrels had hand guns and a vendetta against the grey birds of Edinburgh!
So I have no idea if we are all about to perish, meanwhile I am still laughing at my very funny daughter.
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