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23 December 2005

Nigerian Scam

Hello Dear Bloggers here is a genuine correspondence between me and some dude calling himself Doctor Steven Igho, it’s a Nigerian scam letter but I got bored and answered it, here is the replies. My writing is in RED or/and bold.

—–Original Message—–
From: Steven Igho [mailto:stevenigho@egyptdentists.com]
Sent: 20 December 2005 22:17
To: pairdentistry@suwaneedental.com
Subject: Kindly assist.

From: Dr. Steven Igho. I too am a docktor

Dear Friend, Yes we are friends…

My Compliment to you, yes tell me more I lick it when you talk sexy, I fink we are destined to be together, do you like fire?

I guess this letter may come to you as a surprise since I had no previous correspondence with you. No not at all, I always get letters from unusually familiar Nigerian folks bring it on big guy

I am sending you this mail on behalf of the tender board of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, MR. ABEL D.GUOBADIA. Really? What a fucking surprise? Wow I must be really important that you wrote me! We came across your contact in our search for a reliable person me reliable? I have been in prison for possessing guns…you really don’t know me do you? person to handle a very confidential transaction involving the transfer of Eighteen Million, Five Hundred and Seventy Thousand United States Dollars (US$18.570m). Wow you have that kind of money and you need my help? Get over here sexy! Can we marry? How can I help?
The above fund is not connected with arms, drugs or money laundering, My money is…fuck I love selling crack and arms…well we call them limbs here in Scotland it is the product of an over invoiced contract awarded in 2003 by INEC Sure whatever…carry on tell me more I am so interested to a foreign company for the construction of high rise estate in the federal capital territory. This is odd, as this has happened to FOURTEEN other people who have emailed me from Nigeria…how odd is that?

The contract has long been executed and payment of the actual contract amount has been paid to the foreign contractor. Yes I believe that…I also know that the IRA talk to me through my toaster and there is a hedgehog called Tammy who used to be Neil Armstrong, he lives on my roof
The balance of the actual contract, which my colleague and I now want to transfer out of Nigeria into a reliable foreign account for our personal use. Yes use me…I will look after your money…send me your account details now dusky boy
As civil servants we are not allowed to run foreign accounts.
Really??… What a cunt? Hence we have chosen you to front and support us as the beneficiary to be paid. Whoopee?? Me???
If you are interested in the proposal kindly get back to me by sending me your letter of acceptance along with your direct telephone and fax numbers. For your support and partnership, please reply me to negotiate your fees or the percentage you wish to be paid when the funds are transferred into your bank account. Can I get paid in biscuits?

Further details about this transaction will be discussed in the subsequent correspondence. Note also that the particular nature of your business is irrelevant to this transaction and all local contacts and arrangements are in place for a smooth and successful conclusion of this transaction. Yes I understand coz I am special
Be informed that we are aware of the way email proposals of this type are being sent from this part of africa. Regarding this email, you should treat this proposal with utmost attentionas knowing fully well that you cannot and will not be compelled to assist us if you are not disposed to. I am treating it as a proposal, I want to marry you, I marry lots of men from Nigeria, but they all died now and am so lonely…they died by fire…all of them.
I will be in United Kingdom on official assignment probably in a week time, Lets meet up; I have one eye and piss myself a lot.
You may contact me on this Fax: +44-709-287-3843 or via this email account steven_igho1@yahoo.co.uk, forward me with your contact telephone and fax numbers on response, I will call you for a discussion.

Thank you as I await your response. My name is Mangofandango, I live in a seashell and like to lick small penguins, please be my friend?———————————————————————————————-
From: Steven Igho [mailto:steven_igho1@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 22 December 2005 06:56
To: Janey Godley
Subject: Re: . Fake letters from Nigeria…I answered it…my way


Janey Godley wrote:
I am glad you liked it Dr Steven, I don’t like it and posted it to my entire address book and read it out on stage and have mentioned it in the media. What kind of doctor are you? One of female circumcision or one of small cattle prodding perhaps?
Now from all of that you must know that we know its all shit, you are not even Nigerian…Russian perhaps?? We thought that from the investigations we did.
Stop sending me your pleady shit; I have a life to lead and so must you. Go bother someone else.

From: Steven Igho [mailto:steven_igho1@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 22 December 2005 15:17
To: Janey Godley
Subject: RE: . Fake letters from Nigeria…I answered it…my way


Janey Godley wrote:
Dr. Steven Igho.
I think you will find YOU wrote to me skanky boy…not the other way round…you established this relationship, your scam has been spread all over the media…MY FAULT??? I don’t think so, be very careful who you send spam scam to mate…be careful what you wish for. THAT IS MY PROBLEM…whats wrong? You have no sense of Humour Dr Steven? You were hoping I was a mental patient and would send you my bank details? Go fuck yourself and try to find someone else to annoy.
I like biscuits and am posting this on my blog sites that gets around 7000 hits a day and is syndicated to 60 sites. Bite my ass!

So far there has been no answer my blogger friends, but I urge you all to ignore these letters if you get them as the people may be dangerous and nuts enough to come look for you, but let’s be honest here, how many banks in Nigeria are with holding important people’s cash? NONE! Have fun! Janey_