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01 December 2005

Stop The War Gig…

Had good fun tonight doing the charity gig for the Stop the War gig. There was an amazing poet on called Tom Leonard; his poetry was so sharp and brilliant. I laughed my ass of at him.

Nice people and it was a worthy cause as far as I am concerned.

I am still negotiating the trip to NZ comedy festival. It takes place in Auckland and Wellington; hopefully it will all fall into place. I do love NZ, the scenery is just breathtaking.

I am over the moon as my BAFTA DVD’s have arrived, it means I get to see all the latest movies to view and judge for BAFTA awards, in the comfort of my own home and on the special DVD player that they send you from USA!
I viewed my first film called ‘North Country’. It was really good movie starring Charlize Theron, Frances McDormand and Sean Bean. The plot revolves around the sexual harassment case of the female miner in the 1980’s in USA. I enjoyed it.

Had a weird set of comments on my blog about me handing the cash back to the police (see previous blog entry). I understand that people consider me naïve, but I believe in Karma. I don’t want someone else’s cash and if the police steal it, then so be it…I didn’t!

I have been quite stressed lately for no good reason other than trying to organise everything. I have been in meetings all week making sure the tour for the play is in place, the workshops I am doing next year, my big theatre gig in London coming up and am planning next years Edinburgh Fringe as we speak.

I have been chewing my hair again, which is a bad sign and have taken to pulling bits out…I did this as a child when I was being sexually abused and that strange habit has never quite left me, I hate to admit.

I have a big gig coming up in Glenochil prison to loads of long term lifers. They only can seat 100 but 150 have requested to attend, so it may be a bit of a squash!
I can safely say that this is the gig where they may ‘Kill for a Ticket!’

Some of my mates are horrified and worry for my safety , but I have performed my play to lifers before and they were really nice to me…maybe not so nice to the people they killed…but who am I to judge?
I am there to make them laugh and maybe for the first time EVER I actually may look like a sex symbol!_