What's new with Janey
09 August 2005

Sleepy In Canongate

Murder accusation update Tuesday-see end of blog

I had the Perrier in last night and I think the show went ok? You can never tell as I have now had seven reviewers in on the first THREE days! So that can be good or bad, I am not sure but at least the two that have been printed are THREE stars! I am preparing myself for what the others think of my show.

I am loving doing the show, I just love being up there on stage and nothing can change that for me.
I go today through to Glasgow to get my breast lump checked as yesterdays appointment had to be moved.

The good news is I have had some TV people approach me with some ideas and I have had bigger theatre gigs suggested so my reason for being here is being justified.

My daughter was out late last night and when I checked on her this morning she was still fully clothed with black (is that racist?) panda eye make up rubbed round her big eyelashes, her pillow looks like the shroud of Turin, must remember to wash it today.

I had an early night as I have stuff to do and meetings all bloody day.
Edinburgh was sunny yesterday which mean today it will probably snow…that’s Scotland for you.
I am not worried about the breast lump thing as I feel too positive to let it get me down.

Yesterday I met Gary, he was the bloke in 2003 who tried to throw himself off a building on the Grassmarket, he was in a bit of a state at the time but after a chat he came down and we are now pals. He is still on his feet but yesterday he felt faint and I had to get an ambulance for him as he had a panic attack, I have slowly realised that maybe he is fine as long as he doesn’t meet ME!
He came to see me after my show last night.

Me-“Hope you are ok; don’t take to throwing yourself off any more fucking buildings Gary”

Gary-“Naw Janey,I now live in a bungalow”

Me-“That’s ok then”

Murder Accusation Update-
ME-“Did you kill that man?”
Him-“If you don’t stop nagging me about something that happened ten years ago, I am going home”_