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08 August 2005

Happy days on the Janey Murder Mystery Tour!

Murder accusation update…see end of blog

Well my first review is in…it was in Edinburgh Evening News and it was very good.

A fine 3 *** and it mentions how last years show was hard to top’ It would be tough to top last years supremely well received show’ then it goes onto say ‘The Godley saga continues to unfold and it’s absolutely captivating’

So I am heartily pleased by that review of my first night!

I have more to come and am waiting with baited breath, am worried no one likes this years show.

Spoke to a journalist last night who did say kind and interesting words, he told me that my show last year dealing with abuse/murder/revenge and all the various problems I had in my past has really set a precedent and that other comics are now doing shows dealing with their pain/abusive pasts and other dangerous topics…I am very flattered at that comment, although I always assumed comedy was steeped in tragedy and as far as I am concerned Bill Hicks and all the rest were dealing with frightening topics way back then and they will always remain my Hero’s.

Went to see ‘Shake, Rattle and Noel’ at the Gilded Balloon 5.30pm.

I can tell you now it was AWESOME…I was stunned by the performance, anyone reading this and planning a to see a show BUY A TICKET NOW.
Noel deals with his Tourette’s Syndrome and then takes you on a journey of his past, it covers drug dealing, sea faring, dancing….I swear it’s just fantastic. I am so inspired after watching that.

My doctor’s appointment has been moved to Tuesday now.

Each night in my show I tell the audience I suspect someone I am involved in of murdering the man who murdered my mother and I tell the audience to watch this blog for daily updates on this. As yet he has NOT confessed and is MIGHTLY annoyed that I keep asking, so therefore today’s news is …

“Leave me alone, I told you to stop asking me that question…is this in your show or something?”_