What's new with Janey
05 August 2005


Sorry I have been away for a wee while, my laptop was fucked and being here at the Fringe made it more difficult for me to find internet or get it fixed easily. We did take it to a wee geeky man who declared it fit but did mention in my receipt the following info..

Invoice number 53
Vat number 502533775

Janey Godley
(said she was a comedian)

Service details
Recover internet connections
Check for viruses—ok
Check for Spyware—ok
Check for Firewall—ok
Check for porn-I need to meet you

‘I NEED TO MEET YOU?’ what the hell does that mean?
I have porn in my laptop??? So much PORN that he has to meet me???

Any way’s I am into day two of my Fringe Show, my opening night was good fun. I decided not to give away free tickets to fill the room as I prefer people to be there because they want to, it’s like having a man fuck you who doesn’t actually like you…and I am not doing that. I got a good house anyway, especially for a first night!

Met Rain Pryor, she is a lovely talented US performer and Richard Pryor’s daughter, her stuff is very good and her show is on at the same venue as mine –Underbelly venue 61.

We came across a really good café/restaurant called ERAWAN off Jackson’s Entry, they are very swanky, the coffee’s are cheap yet great and the WI/FI internet is FREE…also they took time to help fix my PC…so I love them.

I am off to Glasgow tonight after my show and the scary story telling show I do after mine. I need to get up early for Radio show on BBC Scotland at 1pm Saturday.

Update on the breast scare—I have an appointment for next week and will let you all know ASAP the results.
Thanks for ALL your supportive messages. XX_