What's new with Janey
18 July 2005

Fringe show

Well that’s the previews over and I learned so much from them it was so worthwhile doing. I now have a good idea of what i am taking to Edinburgh this year.

I am back at the flat after having spent the day with Monica, she made a great lunch and we had a good walk round Chelsea. I am so exhausted, but happy.

I am also looking forward to seeing some good shows at Edinburgh including my mate Noel Faulkener’s show, he is a great writer/performer and I can’t wait to be entertained by him.

Nothing exciting happened today that I can entertain you guys with to be honest…so I may make up a story about a talking cat…or maybe not as the case may be!
Although I was chatted up today by a twelve year old boy and his two mates on big BMX bikes near the flats here, well I say chatted up… they blocked my path on the quiet street and said –

“Hey old woman show us yer fanny”

So I laughed and threw my head back and said “Fuck off ya wee prick or I’ll burn you” and then threatened to belt him hard with my family sized bottle of Pepsi in a plastic bag.

They moved so fast, despite being on clumsy big bikes, they swivelled around and pedalled off into the sunset.
Good…I love bullies…bring ’em on!

Little fuckers…I may live here in the posh part but I am an East Ender and I can still have ’em.

Talk tomorrow!_