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17 July 2005

Sleepless in Westminster

I cannot seem to sleep well, this flat is amazing though…two bedrooms, ensuite toilets and power showers deluxe and I lie in that big bed and stare at the ceiling…I even have air con, yet I cannot rest well.

Driving me mad, all my dreams are surreal and weird.

I keep dreaming I lie there and talk to my husband and it seems so very real.

I went for a good walk yesterday all around this area, and it’s so lovely. The Houses of Parliament are behind my garden and the river walk is just amazing.

I walked round the square where all the protestors stay, living there beneath the banners they have erected in protest to our elected Government and it seems a law is being passed to move them away as there will be no protestors allowed within a certain boundary of the Houses of Parliament, so that the MP and the PM can sit safely in the ‘Big House’ secure in the knowledge that when they pass that square they don’t have to look into the eyes of the defiance of the people….such shit I say.

What a fucking blatant disregard to our freedom of speech.

What is wrong with the ‘chosen few’ (who we must never chose again I say) are they too scared to see the gentle, yet powerful and peaceful words that challenge them? Do we live in state where we cannot talk about what we believe in?

I may just rip off one of these expensive Egyptian cotton sheets off the bed here and write up FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR ALL on it and set up camp in the square.

Or maybe I will not bother as I am scared beasties that live in the grass or worse…RATS will come and live on me….I am good at the talking but worried about the long haul involved…so I applaud the bravery of those people who stand up for themselves in that square near Parliament and urge you all to support their right to freedom of speech. It’s our rights too that are being affected.

See what happened you put me near a government building and I get all political!

I am getting ready for my preview show tonight at Richmond and I think I am better prepared than Friday’s show.

It’s exciting to have a whole new HOUR to take to Edinburgh!

Roll on August!_