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13 July 2005

Confessions of a confessor

Well thanks for all the comments about yesterday’s blog. I had explained my need for honesty in my life and confession…and not being a Catholic ( I have no religion, can you tell?) I decided that the best thing to do is keep all my dark secrets within my own head. Maybe on my death bed all will be revealed! I am not about to unleash my mistakes on the general public!

On another note, I just sat and watched Roman Holdiay with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, it was awesome to see all the beautiful places I had visited last week. Despite having no Royal connections ( Hepburn was a Princess in the movie) I had the most amazing Roman Holiday myself. I will go back.

Today I had nasty problems with my internet connections, my previous provider was Wanadoo, it was problematic so I cancelled it and tried to switch to BT internet but how the fuck was I to know that the whole process took 20 days in all to complete! I am aghast at the service…surely in today’s technology it can happen in a New York minute? NO NO NO!

So I am on no broadband and limited to internet time whilst the fuckers make the switch over…GRrrrrrr…I am so very annoyed.

Life is good just now, I am off to London tomorrow and the people at Crownlawn who get me accomodation have come up trumps again! I do love them, I am going to stay in a lovely apartment in central London.

My best mate Monica is coming round for dinner in my new smart London pad and after ten years of friendship I have NEVER cooked for her! My husband has cooked for her as he can cook, but I am now about to face the challenge. Bear in mind Monica owns her own PR company that represents THE BEST CHEF IN THE WORLD! Yes Heston Blumental is her client and I will have to get on the phone and have my husband talk me through steak and roasted asparagus! I am nervous but will rise to the challenge.

Hope she doesn’t want something strange like souffle’ ..?

I will be fine…I hope. If it all fails we will just eat crisps and sit on the floor and talk about men for three hours over a bottle of good wine…that’s what we normally do anyway!

I still have a disconnected idea of what i am doing for my preview shows and the radio show…I am nervous but will do my best. There is a nice write up going in the Evening Standard tomorrow night, Bruce Dessau came to Glastonbury to interview me for the article which will feature details of my previews. I am shitting a brick…or if my cooking goes wrong…just shitting.

I am sitting here listening to the Scottish news and can hear how some of the protestors from the G8 summit were submitted to psychological damage in the London Road police cells…I spent the night in those cells when they found guns in the house I stayed in that belonged to my father in law.

The only psychological damage I suffered was that wee fat woman who works in the police office came to give me tea in the morning, she was small and fat and looked like Les Dawson when he dressed as a woman on TV….I could not stop laughing at her, she was not pleased and when I asked for a hot bath and some clean clothes-she fucking laughed right back at me and said ” Yeah fuck you ye arse, where de ye think ye are? The fucking Hilton?, see if pulling a gun on me gets ye a fried egg ya cunt!” With that she slammed the door and left me tea-less!

So have a good night all and will chat when I am safely (I hope) tucked up in my nice temporary flat in London._