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26 May 2005

Wish I had worn BIG PANTS

Another early start to wash hair and put on make up for a journalist and photo shoot, GAWD ! I feel like Cindy Crawford! HHAAAAAA No I dont I feel like a fat old woman who wears make up too early in the morning!

I decided to look at the Daily Mail to see how last weeks interview and photo shoot turned out…Shit it’s weird reading the whole article there in print. Was quite annoyed as the Daily mail insisted I wear a skirt! (fuckers) and they never showed a photo of me wearing it, after all that effort and all the make up that was slathered on my cheeks…they used a tiny wee head shot…probably for the best, I suppose.

Today I wore my new bright print summer ‘flouncy’ skirt. I like it…very ‘Hippy chic’

Met the photographer for Glasgow’s Daily Record down at River Clyde, he took me onto Bell’s Bridge and postioned me looking over the river with magnificent Glasgow views in the background.

The place is pretty much deserted with new buildings and conference center’s and a few constructions sites on the south side of the river.

The bridge is a thin metal structure and the wind was quite strong, as I stood there my ‘flowy’ skirt blew right up around my back exposing my bare legs and practically bare ass, wish now I had worn BIG pants, to at least cover some of the scary cellulite and wobbly jelly- white mottled bum cheeks!

I thought for a breif moment that it was ok as no-one is on that side of the river BUT I clearly forgot about the forty odd work men watching from the building works on the south side.

They cheered and clapped, they had been staring at the activity on the metal bridge beside the BBC building that they were working on.

I was horrified, the photographer laughed and could hardly hold up his camera. I was busy sticking up the V sign at the nasty workmen. Bhaaaaa!

Oh well another day another flash of my fat arse.

I may well go topless for the next photo….JOKING!_