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25 May 2005

Masia shoes

Yes I am a sucker for gimmick, I saw the advert for the Masai Barfuss Technologie shoes that show you the very beatiful Masai Warriors in full National dress, those gorgeous tribal black gods, swarthed in terracotta robes. I was panting- for the shoes and the beautiful men…yumm.

Apparently they give you a full aerobic workout (not the men, although I would like the full workout with one) but the innovative shoes, due to the methodology of the balance and muscle movement that your body does when walking on these unusual shoes.

I was hooked by the advert.

I walked to the shoe shop in Glasgow’s West End, the shoe shop has the full range in the window. As soon as I entered I saw that the staff have been taught how to ‘Pounce and Preach’ this footwear phenomenon.

me (whilst on phone to Ebury)-“Can I try a pair of those ‘warrior’ shoes?” I then went back to chatting on phone.

The assisant was incredibly annoyed and needed my full ‘Masai’ attention.

Assistant-“Madam have you been taught how to walk on them?”

me (still on phone-but now showing some interest) “Actually I have been walking now for erm…43 years and I think I have that down and sorted thanks” I went back to chatting on phone.

assistant-“You need to wear these for fifteen minutes a day to get used to them and then you slowly build up your resistance to the pressure on your spine and the muscle development, then you can wear them full time”

me ( I was now off the phone)-“Ok why does that warrior on the photo not have the shoes on? I pointed to the full size picture of a warrior standing on red sand.

Assistant-“Well they use the Masai warriors walking movements when making the shoes and you will walk like him”

me-“I dont live on a beach, where will I get sand? Does it come with a sand box?”

Assistant-“No, but they also walk on fields and terrains of mud”

me-“How much are they?”


me-“Fucking hell, I am not walking my good shoes through mud and dirt”

assistant-” Would you like to try them on?”

me-“Ok I am a size 4”

The shoes are really weird to wear, the soles are curved like the base of a rocking horse, you do not walk on your heels, but the middle of your foot or arch takes the full pressure as the curve forces you forward. I loved the feeling, they also make you taller as they are kinda thick stacked soles and I felt i stood up straight in them. I was sold.

As I was buying the most expensive shoes I have ever bought, she gave me a ‘video’ that explains “How to walk” -.

That alone was worth it for the money, I have a video that will teach me to walk!

Anyway I ignored her advice and popped them on immediately and walked home, then procceded to wear them all night. I woke up this morning and my legs are ……

Fine! Yes despite scary warnings of people ignoring the advice and wearing them to work then waking up next day and hobbling about like Tiny Tim- I am ok.

I must already walk like a warrior, I must have mastered the Masia stroll.

I am happy, husband almost DIED when I told him how much they cost, but then he does not understand my Masai ways…..I am hoping some lovely tall Masai man will recognise my ‘walk’ and take me with him to his beautiful home and show me his fancy footwork.

I cant believe what gimmick I will fall for next, just hoping the book sells so I can pay for all this crap._