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26 April 2005

watching tv last night

Tuesday the 26th of April 2005

Did anyone else in UK watch that programme ‘Porn Shutdown’ on C4?

I was absolutely amazed! The whole thing was about really ‘bad’ porn and ‘aggresive towards females’ type thing. Also included was how HIV affected the industry when an outbreak occurred.

I just walked into the room, when this young blonde woman said ‘I sometimes do double anal, it’s like…really cool!’

I clenched and have actually not really let go since. I am sure what other people do is no business of mine but when she went on about the porn guy pissing on her and her vomitting- I sat there thinking ‘What point in a relationship do you ask your mate-‘Can I shit on your leg and maybe later you will let me vomit on your dick whilst i drink your piss?’ Ok I have been married 25 years now and I know if I brought that subject up for fun, he would drive away barefooted from our house with the child in the back. And he is not a prude by any means.

weird eh?

I always check the ‘site referrals’ on my blog management section and I giggle at some of the links that eventually end up here at this blog-some include words like

teen+tits+shoes! Princecharles+sex!

There is even one that says fuck+my+father+in+law!

I have no idea how that links to me although I have spoken about Prince Charles, and various words on my blog do have that content if maybe in a different context -BUT can you imagine with that paragraph above the amount of links that will lead to me here?…..all those weirdo’s who now look for ‘double anal’ will find me…..LOVELY!

I do really struggle to understand pain and sex. If he fails to take the weight on his elbows, I am out of there. I cannot imagine anything worse than being battered by a stick, maybe being burnt by some hot fat as a form of foreplay or having a brick bashed on my head just as I was ready for a hug. Hey who knows?

Then again, maybe I am boring.

But double anal?