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19 April 2005

ipods and illness’s

hospital and IPODs

Still the 19th of April, I had to rush off to meet my sister at the local hospital, she has a suspected hernia. I felt awful, as I had organised a birthday lunch for Ashley and was planning to buy her an IPOD, but my sister had to come first.

The hospital was so bloody busy then after a fashion we were finally taken into a consulting room. A very young oriental man came in and in his slightly broken English, he managed to get most of the info needed from my sister.

He went to take blood but then could not get the needle in, my sister was crying and I wanted to punch him on the head. I asked him” What is the current records on MRSA bug in this hospital?”

Doc-“Dont know”

me-“How long have you been a doctor?”

Doc”One year and half a month”

me-“Have you killed anyone yet?”

My sister looked at me in horror and fear.

Doc-“No, but I nearly killed..”

Me-“It’s ok I am only joking”

My sister started to cry so I stopped annoying the doc and hugged her.

She is being kept in overnight to get the hernia scanned better. I am so bloody exhausted as last night the minute we got home from London I had to rush off to Yoker and perform my play “Smack -The Point of Yes” for the drug forum people.

I was very very tired as we had only four hours sleep, then got up to catch the flight. I was worried that I hadn’t performed the play to the best of my ability, its about drugs coming to Glasgow and how it affected the people in the streets, its also a bit funny despite the bleak subject matter.

I did the best I could and was terrified to read the review today in the Glasgow Evening Times. I opened the paper with scared stiff fingers, saw the photo of me and gingerly read the review.

IT WAS GREAT! HURRAAHHH! Here is a wee snippet

“Godley hones her storytelling skills every week in comedy clubs, but she’s even more engaging when sinking her teeth into subjects that matter. She tells us she’s no better than addicts…just luckier.” Glasgow Evening Times

I am happy. I am so glad I did the play well, just got a phone call, my sister has been let out of hospital and they think it is just some soft tissue.

All good! I also managed to go to shops and get Ashley her very coveted IPOD and in PINK!-_