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13 April 2005

Billy Connolly and tantrums.

Billy Connolly is in Glasgow this week doing a big sell out tour. I am in awe of him and would love to meet him again. He is such star. I do not have a ticket though! Shit!
I might call MIJ and see if he has Billy’s mobile number! Surely a man so well connected as MIJ will be able to do this?
I overslept this morning as I had really bad nightmares last night, I could not get out of them and the pain felt physical as I awoke. My legs hurt and there is a pain in my head that just sits there waiting patiently to pounce. I need to get fitter.
My daughter had her FIRST ever tantrum!
Yes she is 18 years old (19 next week) and last night she sat down to her favourite moment of the week. To watch the O.C. Yes that fabulous teenage sexy L.A drama on E4 Satellite staion. She is addicted to it and nothing but nothing gets in the way. If she was offered a night with Justin Timberlake she would get on her sexy boots and go BUT if this was on a Tuesday night…NNNOOOoooooo…she MUST watch O.C.
Ok lets go back a few weeks here, husband tells me he cannot find his credit card, we have to cancel both our cards and organise a new one. As soon as the cards came through we got a note to inform all our direct debit services that took the cash straight off the card and let them know the new details as everything would now be stopped.
The only thing we have off the credit card is the TOP UP TV subscription.
Yes! You guesssed it, as Ashley sat all comfy on the lovely sofa all snuggled in cushions with her tea and biscuits all set to enjoy.
She clicked onto E4, and the television went blank and the screen said
She screamed so loud, her dad and I ran into the room, I thought she had been shot by a scary sniper who lives across the road? (What is wrong with me?).
“MUM!” She yelled “What is wrong with the TOP UP TV?”
My mind went into overdrive and in my head I could see that piece of paper sitting beside my bed, I never called them to give them the new number, I fucking forgot.
me-” I think I was suppsoe to call them and give them the new credit card number, shit I forgot sorry”
Ashley-“AAARRRGGGHHH Dad its all your fault for losing that card, it wasnt even lost mum” She screamed and threw her biscuits at her dad “He had just put it in the Welsh Dresser, you big odd, daft, forgetful, stupid and annyong man”
I laughed.
“And you! you scary old, fat silly, non-letter opener, you mental attention seeking freak, you could have called them and sorted this, call NOW!” she threw the hands free phone at me.
I fumbled through the letter and as I managed to get connected, Ashley ripped open my wallet, the velcro rasping as she tore in apart violently, she thrust my credit card into my hand and stood there red faced hissing, “Do it now”
I started to laugh, I could hear her dad telling her to calm down as it “Will be back on at midnight and its repeated again on Sunday” She screamed at him and threw her slipper at his head. I giggled more as I have never seen her throw a fit, it was funny.
I managed to establish with some Scottish boy called Graham that my new credit card is ready and we went through all the transactions, he assured me the service will be resumed in half an hour.
Ashley was now throwing cushions about the room and still shouting.
I could hardly contain my laughter, she spotted my smirking and ran at me wielding my packet of Veganin painkillers I got yesterday for period pains. She threw the three white plastic strips at my head shouting “Mum dont laugh I love the O.C”
She calmed down after she realised she could watch it at midnight. We laughed as she picked up her tantrum props, the slippers, the cushions, the biscuits and my painkiller.
She laughed as well, then as we sat there and waited for the service to resume, it was nearing midnight and E4 still refused to work. I tried calling TOP UP but they were closed by now.
It still isn’t working, Ashley knows she can watch it up in her grandads house on Sunday if need be.
So after nearly 19 years I saw my child finally have a tantrum.
Today she is calm. TOP UP TV is back, she is hugging the TV as I write.