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A stand-up so personal in approach I wouldn’t be surprised if she breast-fed the front row”
Time Out

“One of Scotland’s finest onstage treasuresCompelling… ballsy… a breath of fresh air”

“The Glasgow comedy queen”
The List

The most outspoken female stand-up in BritainThe most ribald and refreshing comedy talent to have risen from the slums of Glasgow since Billy Connolly The utterly compelling autobiography Handstands in the Dark has become a word-of-mouth phenomenon… un-putdownable… her writing is sensationally good
Daily Telegraph

“Scotland’s funniest woman… the Godmother of Scottish Comedy Godley’s certainly a one-off – a cuddly-looking woman who sounds like the mordantly lippy love child of Joan Rivers and Billy Connolly… Punchlines which have the audience screaming with laughter… Effortless stream-of-consciousness riffs that Virginia Woolf might have written had she only had a pawky sense of humour… Truly inspired… She’s not afraid to say the virtually unsayable
The Scotsman

“Some of the sharpest-elbowed comedy in the world”
New York Times

“Darkly comic anecdotes that induce gales of laughter”

“This is real cutting edge comedy and Godley goes into areas others would need a social worker, three counsellors and a police dog to even think about… Godley hones her storytelling skills every week in comedy clubs, but she’s even more engaging when sinking her teeth into subjects that matter… She’s feisty, intelligent and sharper than any tack you’ve ever stood onLike most professional comics, Janey gets her raw material by throwing an empty bucket down the well of experience. But her personal well is far deeper than most – and considerably darker”
Glasgow Evening Times

“Unlike anything I’ve heard from a stand-up comic before”
Theatre Review New Zealand

“Foul-mouthed, sarcastic… so down-to-earth she’s underground
Independent on Sunday

“It’s not unlike the sensation of shock and delight, thirty years ago, of seeing very early Billy Connolly”
Financial Times

“The female Billy Connolly”

“The female Billy Connolly… outrageously candid”

“A great act. Like Billy Connolly, she simply walks on stage and spins out umpteen autobiographical anecdotes, laced with mordant wit…Godley is a unique talent
Metro Life

“A ferocious instinct for laughsTake equal pinches of Billy Connolly and Jerry Sadowitz and you are getting some way towards the storytelling genius of Godley … sends a chill through you even as you are laughing …. mindbogglingly colourful “
London Evening Standard

“One of the funniest and most controversial contemporary authors and comedians”
Swedish State TV’s flagship Arts show ‘Kobra’

“The funniest mum on earthyou can’t help but love this woman… her dry wit and exquisite sense of irony”
New Zealand Herald

Godley proves herself a phenomenal actress”

“Successfully spanning theatre, television, radio and newspapers, her recent torrent of column inches induces respect and incredulity in lazy journalists. And shame, mostly. Her gangsters-and-all autobiography,Handstands in the Dark, remains a bestseller and will be published in the US in January, while her confessional blog continues to attract a crossover, mainstream following. A long-time-arriving overnight sensation, this ex-publican can pretend to flash her breasts on the Kerrang! radio station one night, then duet with camp stand-up Craig Hill for Children in Need the next… Godley is a little intimidating, a lot chatty and exceptionally funny.”
The Herald, Glasgow

“The autobiographical elements she draws on in her stories resemble nofunny and full-on.She has led a life-and-a-half and draws on all her experiences… from an astonishing past that’s taken her from Glasgow gangland to off-Broadway playwright, best-selling author and award-winning stand-upRespected… Accomplished… She’s a ballsy, in-your-face comic… One comic you would want on your side in an after hours pub brawl.”
Time Out

“Her ability to control rowdy crowds is already near-legendary.”
Press Association, UK

“Janey Godley’s not your average comedian the genuinely sinister backdrop gives her an angle that other comics can never hope to emulate”

“She risks arrest if she continues with her stand-up show”
The Times, 2004

“Glasgow’s gutsiest”
Ned Sherrin

“When you’re bored of comedians telling you things you know and the comfortable laughter of recognition, go and watch Janey Godley for a change. You don’t know what it’s like to be Janey Godley – she does. And she can tell you all about it with wit, spirit and a truly unique comic voice”
Dave Gorman

“Janey Godley has two things on her side – a unique experience of Glasgow life at its most extreme, and a distinct and raucous comic voice with which to describe it… hilarious, shocking and unsettling”
Stewart Lee

“She is brilliant. She is also terrifying. She also is mad as biscuits. She actually tones it down when she gets on stage. When she gets offstage, she’s completely bonkers.”
Boothby Graffoe

“A rather scary Glaswegian comedian”
The Bookseller, trade magazine

“You have a surprisingly tight vagina for a woman who has had a child”
Sadie McDade, district nurse, Glasgow

“My material is based on my life and events, so I’ll be updating it as I go. I recognise people think child abuse is the most shocking subject and that apparently makes me unique. I think my being caught with guns and explosives is more exclusive subject matter. I’ve been told by other comics and audience members that they too suffered abuse. I don’t know many who’ve been charged with possessing guns.”
Time Out

FIVE STARS: Clever, passionate and lyrical… She is a very rare talent indeed
Daily Mirror, 21st August 2009)

FIVE STARS: The type of act you want to catch again and again, year after year.””
, 20th August 2009)

FIVE STARS: Warm, heartfelt, funky and feisty
ScotsGay, 17th August 2009)

FIVE STARS: Razor sharp… Wonderfully foul-mouthed family entertainment
The Herald, 19th August 2008)

FIVE STARS: Scotland’s renaissance woman… comedy gold
The Herald, 6th August 2007)

FIVE STARS: “Profoundly touching. A natural storyteller… instinctive comic timing… Janey Godley’s talent is immense... wholeheartedly recommended.”
One4Review, 9th August 2007)

FIVE STARS:Side splitting hilarious hour… guilty of almost killing me with laughter, tears rolling down my face, jaw and sides aching
One4Review, 14th August 2005)

FIVE STARS: “Masterful….a warm, witty Glaswegian...the candour and been-there-done-that wisdom with which Janey speaks on touchy subjects is her saviour”
Fest, 16th August 2004)

FOUR STARS: “Revealing, honest… hilarious one-linersher intelligence, flair for storytelling, and razor-sharp wit make this a hot ticket this Fringe.”
Chortle, 14th August 2007)

FOUR STARS: “There are plenty of hysterical jokes but that’s not the reason you should see her. Janey Godley is broadening the comic genre and it’s exhilarating to watch.
Fest, 26th August 2005)

FOUR STARS: “Extraordinarily funny and moving… a masterclass in how to put together a one person show”
BroadwayBaby, 10th August 2006)

FOUR STARS: “It’s the honest, witty revelation of a world apart that makes her material so inherently fascinating
Chortle, 8th August 2004)

FOUR STARS: “The thing about wee Janey is she’s a wee bit scary, OK? A wee bit scary and a big bit talented… thought-provoking, absorbing”
EdinburghGuide, 9th August 2006)

FOUR STARS: “Great subtlety… occasional brilliance”
SkinnyFest, 15th August 2006)

FOUR STARS: “Acutely observed”
The Herald, 9th August 2006)

FOUR STARS: “Janey had the audience in hysterics…. A genuinely nice, touching and very, very funny woman – don’t ”
(ScotsGay, 16th August 2007)

FOUR STARS: “Charismatic… fierce, funny and abruptnot for the faint-hearted, but a must-see for everyone else”
(Three Weeks, 5th August 2006)

FOUR STARS: Her patter is as quick and confident as you would expect from a woman who knows how to talk to men whose faces have been slashed from ear to ear. Godley has the ear of a natural storyteller and a fearless line in: ‘I can’t believe she just said that’ punchlines
(The Scotsman, 12th August 2004)

FOUR STARS: Near-the-knuckle… will have you transfixed
(Chortle, 22nd August 2006)

FOUR STARS: Hilarious show…She delves depths of depravity like Jerry Sadowitz, but also exudes a real warmthyou can’t help but like and admire Godley”
(Edinburgh Evening News, 12th August 2004)

FOUR STARS: Rude, mouthy and full of gags…She is fresh, dark and sharp…This is not for the faint-hearted but is spot on for those who want a good laugh.
(Three Weeks, 15th August 2004)

FOUR STARS: This is a frequently hilarious, frequently frightening show about her life…If all of this show is true, and she is extremely convincing, she must have a damn good lawyer…brilliant…her concluding story is the best story you will hear at the Fringe this year.”
(The Herald, 24th August 2004)

FOUR STARS: “She has a fouler mouth than Gordon Ramsay and a deserved reputation for being outspoken, but Janey Godley is also remarkably endearing right from the start Some of these stories are hilarious, others tragic, but all are fascinating… She’ll certainly be the one you’d most like to meet down the pub.”
(Three Weeks, 7th August 2007)

FOUR STARS: “As challenging and honest as ever and her way with words (even the sweary ones) is impossible to ignore
(The List, 9th August 2006)

FOUR STARS:Janey Godley is unique…Her audience interactions are gems…just a ruddy good laugh
(One4Review, 15th August 2004)

FOUR STARS:What can I say about Janey Godley except that she is one comedian I can almost guarantee will have me laughing out loud?
(One4Review, 9th August 2006)

FOUR STARS:We know the quality of comedy we get with Janey Godley… amazing
(One4Review, 15th August 2007)

FOUR STARS: Terrifing tenderness which keeps the audience coming back year after year… her ability to deliver laughs again and again… fascinating, harrowing, tender and hilarious…
(One4Review, 4th August 2008)

“I’ve got Attention Deficit Disorder. To other people it’s a disability. To me, it’s a career.”
Arts Extra, BBC Radio Ulster

“I have the confidence to get up on stage because after the life I’ve led – all the madness and the pub and the gangsters and the abuse – there is nothing frightens me any more. So, if I ever stood in a room with 600 people and talked for 15 minutes and nobody laughed, then it’s no worse than having a gun held at your head and I’ve already had that, so it doesn’t really scare me.”
Mensa Magazine