Godley's Cream

20 years and counting


20 years of Fringe shows, 20 years of touring and so many stories. From LA to New York, Newcastle and Glasgow. Godmother of Scottish Comedy, chief Trump annoyer and all-round Glasgow mouth piece brings her show back to the Counting House. Lots of old stories and plenty of new material to keep punters gripped in their seats. ‘Who else got jailed for possessing guns?’ (Janey Godley). ‘Her shows have sold out globally, she’s a social media influencer, podcaster and best selling author, but crap at organising a fridge or hanging up a washing’ (Husband).

The Scottish Godmother and multi award-winning comedian Janey Godley (acclaimed comic famous for her Trump is a c*nt protest) and her award-winning comedian daughter Ashley Storrie (20 million hits with her Tanya Potter online sketch) have a weekly podcast. This time they are doing it live at the Fringe. Ashley Storrie: ‘an example of the kind of feminism that doesn’t announce its agenda but lives it… and should be mandatory viewing’ (List). ‘She is so naturally funny’ (Chortle.co.uk). Janey Godley: ‘some of the sharpest elbowed comedy in the world’ (New York Times). Her 2018 show is entirely free to attend, and voluntary donations can be made after each performance (see below).

THIS IS A FREE SHOW – 8:15 PM every night from 2nd to 26th August
You do not need to buy tickets, and you cannot book in advance. Entrance is on a first-come basis, so come early.

EVERY SINGLE PENNY we collect in the BUCKET at end of the show goes to us. Not one penny is filtered through a promoter or producer, ticket fees, credit card charges…NOTHING….we give the loose change to homeless and we keep and pay tax on the rest.

A straight honest transaction between audience and artist at the fringe – the way forward people.

The only people getting rich off our backs at the BIGGEST ARTS FESTIVAL in the world – is the people who own the bucket.

Me and Ash.

Nobody should be too poor to see comedy. If you are skint, DO NOT put a penny in that bucket.