Owl Man is here!

So tonight for the first time, Glasgow Jongleurs was NO smoking…! I have stopped so it was easy for me (well so far…one day stoppage... Read More
March 2006

Death Anniversary…

I am looking after my sister’s daughters for two nights, Natalie and Victoria. Today Natalie is seventeen years old. Her birthday is April 1st, which... Read More
April 2006

Men who like pain…

I have a man who emails me called Keith who likes pain. I have no problem with this as I don’t know him, and don’t... Read More
April 2006

Sex and Pain…again!

Yes who would have thought this subject would come up again, but get this. Stressed out as I am, I finally fell asleep this morning... Read More
April 2006

Bird flu and comedy…

I was so exhausted this morning; I never really slept last night. I have been worried sick about getting everything done and organised for Edinburgh.... Read More
April 2006

Cardiff and no internet…

This city is strange but nice, it has a castle, it has a river, and it has a lovely exhibition centre but no internet. I... Read More
April 2006