My Daughter today is mental…

My daughter is bored and therefore funny. She is working hard at Uni studying Film studies and screenplay writing, in her part time she works... Read More
March 2006

Journey to Manchester…

I got up early to catch a train, as the replacement car Esure finally got for me (eight days late! Never get Esure insurance) is... Read More
March 2006

Sex and Lies…

Husband knew I was stressed, just off a train from Manchester last night, where some fucked up Glaswegian drunk vomited in every toilet the length... Read More
March 2006

Fun in London

…I have never been to the Café Royal in London’s West End before. I was amazed at how swish and regal it looked, it’s not... Read More
March 2006

Human League is awesome…

I attended a private party on Saturday. A 40th birthday was being celebrated and 80’s pop giants Human League were the stars of the show.... Read More
March 2006

The Flu…

Ok I have been writing very little lately as I have the flu…hoping its not the fucking bird flu to be honest, so far no... Read More
March 2006

I am sneezing snot…

I sneezed and snot flew all over my pc screen. There were big streaks of it and it looked like the map of Norway. I... Read More
March 2006