Bobby the Hamster is King

Ashley got soaked in yet another down pour that represents Glasgow’s wonderful late summer weather. She came home completely soaked and stomping about cursing the... Read More
September 2008

Very long overdue Blog

Two weekends ago I was in Bristol and I came upon a right bunch of nasty wee fuckers. You know the kind…the people who do... Read More
September 2008

The MC

“You are a really good on stage, I loved you as an MC, maybe one day you could even do comedy” the blonde girl in... Read More
September 2008


My great Niece Baby Julia is slightly eerie at times. She is almost two years old and very different to the other kids in her... Read More
September 2008

Fights and flurry’s

September 11th was a really bad day; husband and I had a monumental fight. I left home in flip flops and it rained. To make... Read More
September 2008

Animals that bite back

There was an article on the news about some looney Spaniards that chase an angry bull and yes…you guessed it- the wee bull stamped on... Read More
September 2008