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11 January 2011

So this is what happens?

Twitter is my friend but also annoys me, as people who never ever chat to me normally -suddenly jump in and have an opinion on what I write. It’s a bit like people who don’t like you really, but stand close to hear what you have to say so they can loudly point out what they think you have done or said wrong. Like a big nosy grassing bastard who pedantically points out all your failings in a loud shouty voice, a bit like being married and going through ‘the rough patch’. Thank fuck husband is dyslexic, as he can’t do that to me or he probably would, and don’t worry about me writing that last sentence and it offending my husband as he is dyslexic and can’t read this.

Having said that, posting stuff on Twitter does leave you open to that kind of thing, so ‘hell slap it into me’ as my mammy would have said.

Having even said that, I do like Twitter even when people say it’s my fault Frankie Boyle is rude because I once defended him, or when people say ‘you should be on the telly, you are funny, why aren’t you on the Michael McIntyre roadshow?’ but they don’t work on telly, they work in Lidl and have good internet skills and follow me on Twitter, that’s not going to help is it?

Besides that I had a great weekend. I flew down to London with BA and it wasn’t cancelled or anything and I stayed at the rooms in my favourite club in London, which is awesome. I love the giant king size bed, the fabulous cotton sheets and the DEEP bath and walk in shower. I just loved it, then headed off to Portsmouth and had two lovely nights of comedy and then I headed back to London, and done the DEEP bath hotel thing all over again.

The downside is travelling on London underground, some people are complete knobs. Get this- I just waited with my luggage at Piccadilly, I only have one small wheelie case and beside me is a giant bloke the size of a phone box in a TopMan suit with a bigger wheelie case, he barges me to the side and throws his case on and straddles his big acrylic clad legs apart pushing other people as he makes a space on the central part of the train. I drag myself on last, all befuddled as big TopMan pushed me aside.

“Hello, you big twat am the wee woman you just battered to the side four seconds ago at the door, did you think we would never meet again, it happened just there” I said as I pointed at the sliding doors shutting. He looked down at me and people around sniggered. “So you just push women about and expect them to say nothing when they stand beside you?” I shouted at him? He tried to move away but the crowd pushed hard against him in solidarity as they got pushed about by him as well, he then fell and stumbled a bit over his wheelie case and stood embarrassed until the next stop came and he got off. I felt I had bullied him for bullying me and realised that’s a bad thing isn’t it?

Life is good, but am still sad about my brother Mij, whose funeral hasn’t been organised yet and as I said am not going due to other circumstances. I am hoping I get my hands on some of his ashes as I want to find Bryan Ferry’s London home and throw the ashes over his wall and let Mij lie in Bryan Ferry’s garden as he LOVED Bryan Ferry.

Failing that, I will ask the northern comic Mick Ferry to let me throw Mij’s ashes in his garden as Mij won’t really know the difference will he?

So anyway I found a photo of Mij that was taken 15 years ago when he was going to the Gay Ball in Glasgow with me and my husband, we all had a great night, I recall it well and Mij despite being mad as a brush and slightly mental he was never homophobic and had made heaps of mates in the gay community when he joined Body Positive an HIV support group in Glasgow, they were so helpful. Mij looked dashing in his dinner suit and dickie bow tie!

So, anyway Ashley air bushed her dad out of the picture, kept his body and put Bryan Ferry’s head in with Mij. We know this would make him smile and the photo should be either on my FACEBOOK site or on http://twitpic.com/3oxion if you want to go see it.

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Thanks for all the kind words about my brother, your support and lovely messages helped me no end._