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23 July 2010

Think about it

There must be higher love, well according to Steve Winwood that’s true but to me I simply accept average height love, and after 30 years of marriage am well versed in being average. I have tried being extraordinary but I end up being mediocre.

My past attempts at being sultry and sexy have landed in flat-liner heaven, with me either having stomach pains on a floor trying to shift wind but dressed in Agent provocateur and red high heels, or husband and I having a big fight when we get to the secluded romantic cottage. We can’t seem to time or prepare our relationship for fun and love. It either happens or it doesn’t, it can’t be orchestrated at all.

Usually we end up deciding to get divorced as I sit on high count Egyptian cotton sheets, chomping on luxury chocolates and slugging chilled Champagne in a five star hotel beside a dramatic coastline. Then again, we have sat in a one berth cockroach infested caravanette and been stuck to each other’s flesh for a whole 48 hours as we profess our undying love for each other, then go eat a can of cold beans in utter happiness! What am saying is, concocted settings don’t always work!

So on that thought, husband and I went to Fife for a night, just a romantic one night of spontaneous love, I was being grumpy and he suggested my favourite beach cove at Elie, I love it there.

The wind was down and the coast was warm and the sun was setting, we ate fish and chips then we checked into a wee B&B after walking along the beach and fell asleep on foamy single beds, especially after husband had drunk a few pints of Guinness.

The sun dipped and the pattering rain started, then we literally snored away happily as the coastal storm slashed the windows of our bedroom. We both woke up at 3am, the rain had halted -the silence scared us, then another storm battered the windows and we fell asleep again, we do love noise! We both woke again at 4am and having no radio or any type of background music (we both need white noise constantly to sleep, like a radio or talking book) I decided to pretend I was the BBC world service and spoke in funny accents, making up news stories till we both crashed out again.

We had to leave Elie at 9am the next morning, as there was a severe weather warning throughout Fife and we didn’t want caught up in it. That’s summer holidays in East Neuk in Fife!

It was a lovely wee break and just what I needed to perk me up.

I have stopped smoking yet again; this must be my eight time of stopping smoking, who knows maybe this time it will work?

I like to pick a stressful time to stop smoking, like the Edinburgh fringe!

Meanwhile Ashley and I have done a second podcast and you can hear it here http://janeygodley.podomatic.com/_