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10 March 2010

Liverpool looks good

Been ages since I have been to Liverpool and my GOD it has changed beyond some recognition- big flashy shops and a weird area just full of expansive expensive shops like an LA mall or something. But it is lovely and that’s cracking, though I don’t understand why building big concrete shopping museums as a way of regenerating a city is helpful- but am not educated in inner city regeneration, so what the hell do I know?

I am staying in lovely flash serviced apartments; it really is so awesome-but the doors bother me. They are HUGE doors and all marbled flooring throughout. The doors on my flat don’t have a chain or lock, just a plastic card with numbers in indelible ink crudely scrawled over it, then scored out and rewritten. You just hold the plastic card against the door and it unlocks, so when I am in bed I worried I couldn’t lock my door, so I put a metal grill pan handle I found in the massive kitchen (which is beautiful) and balanced it on the handle so if anyone opened my door that metal handle would clatter to the marble floor and alert me of the intruder. I thought of balancing a big kitchen knife but that would have just given the intruder something to attack me with.

Yes, I may be paranoid, but…as it turns out the two other flats on the marble landing were inhabited by a big group of people who constantly knocked, banged and slammed loudly each others doors from 7am in the morning.

To be fair, it’s not their fault that the doors automatically slam loudly behind them, but the noise is like a gun going off and at one point the doors slammed eight times in succession around 8am. The vibrations of the door slamming knocked the grill handle onto the marble floor and I nearly wet the bed.

After the 18th knocking and slamming of the doors, I opened my door and asked the young lady if she could possibly try and not let the big door banging happen as she entered the flat (how can she not hear it?) and she agreed, walked in and let the door bang behind her. I conceded defeat and tried to sleep as the noise of cannon fire door slamming continued. I wonder why people who spend so much money on creating these flats didn’t sit back and think, ‘Those doors slam loudly, they are bigger than normal doors and the marble floors resonate the noise, maybe we should put something on the door hinges to delay the closing like they do in hotels?’

They didn’t think that at all- they built giant shopping malls instead.
I sound very moody, but I have been trying to sleep since 7am!

The new club in Liverpool is called Comedy hell (a strange name) and it is really lovely. The seating is all fixed to the floor and the bloke who runs it is delightfully lovely. The downside is some noise of the upstairs bar’s music does leak into the room later on as the night wears on.
That is something that can be fixed but all in all it’s a great room.

Just fix the doors please on the serviced apartments please? Give us a chain to assure us of security, give us some gadget that stops the giant doors from banging behind us and let me sleep?

So that was Liverpool, I headed home on the train to Glasgow, which needed a first class upgrade as the train was mobbed. On £15 but with no free tea or lovely free sandwiches, there was free nothing as the catering bit was broke. But what we did get for free was a young bloke verbally and possibly attacking a seven year old boy outside the toilets. I did intervene, I did challenge him and it seems I couldn’t prove he was hitting the boy. He didn’t like being confronted by me and sometimes when you get involved with a bully and pull them up in public, they go away and beat their victims more so in private.

Anyway I have stopped smoking and am on diet._