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04 May 2009

Yet Another Day

Woke up in Auckland, the sun streaming through the heavy curtains and yet another morning on the other end of the world. I love Skype, my wee daddy has been shown how to use it, but what he hasn’t really grasped is the time difference. His conversations are amazing, I do love hearing his voice, it’s just the mad stuff he talks about that drive me nuts and I struggle to chat back at 3am!

“Janey that cat from next door peeped its head round the door and I chased it with a laser pen, that red dot drives it nuts” he shouted loudly down the microphone.

So yesterday morning, with no daddy voice to cheer me up, I boarded a flight to Wellington. How I love this city of Wellington, though I could do without that biting wind. Every single shop, theatre and street sign reminds me of the time Ashley and I came here in 2006.

So, am in Wellington, its awesome and just a wonderful city. The hotel is just perfect and it is had the biggest bath I have ever seen! Can’t wait to go for a swim in that baby!

Last night we all did the First Laughs in the Wellington Opera House. The building is 93 years old and is a proper old theatre, such beauty. The show went well, I over ran my set which is a bad thing but everyone assured me it was ok, but it felt greedy doing that, I just couldn’t see the cue light amongst the 500 other lights on the ceiling.

So we all hoofed it to the after show party at the Good Luck bar which is just a cracking wee bar to hang out in, the downside is I drank gin and wore high heels and danced. Yes, all bad.

This morning in the complete darkness my hotel door got knocked on, then it was opened but the chain stopped it. I leapt out of bed and opened the door up and shouted at this obviously crazy woman “Excuse me, why are you banging on all the doors?”

“I am housekeeping and if you don’t want your room cleaned put the do not disturb sign on please?” she yapped back.

“At this time of the morning?” I screamed at her. I stepped into the hall and to get a better shout at her.

“It’s almost 10am” she spoke back and stared at me. I stood there and threw up my arms and said “really?”…that’s when I heard my door click shut.

I was standing in the hall in my tee shirt and knickers.

“Can you open my door please” I humbly begged.

“Alcohol is a demon” she whispered as she opened my door.

Great, I party one night a year, I drink 3 gins and dance and suddenly I am Courtney Love.

Wellington be gentle with me I am groggy and tired._