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28 April 2009

The Intriguing Inn

The Inn at Venice Beach has been intriguing indeed. The staff were always helpful…until today. I had to check out at midday and my cab to the airport isn’t until 7pm tonight, so I had a walk on the beach and bumble about in the sand.

I came back to the hotel and asked the new receptionist if there was a spare room in which to have a shower as I am soon to embark on a long haul flight to NZ. She quickly told me “no, you will have to go down the street and find maybe a gym that will let you have a shower”. I balked at that idea. “do you have a toilet?” I asked.

She grudgingly got me a hand towel and pointed towards the staff loo. The sink had a big circular crack in it, and as I tried to wipe the sandy residue off it, my finger got sliced on the sharp edge of the ceramic break. Blood spurted everywhere. I came out – explained why I was bleeding and asked for a band aid. “We are all out of them the first aid kit is empty, if you go down the street the corner store sells band aids” she explained.

“Isn’t against the law to have an empty first aid kit ma’am?” I asked. She stared.

“Can you get me my luggage as I think I have a band aid in that?” I asked her.

“It looks heavy can you come and get it yourself?” she answered.

I struggled with a bleeding finger and bloodied cloth and my luggage.

Then I spotted the lovely Spanish room maid and asked her “do you know where I can get a band aid?” the blood seeped through the small white face cloth. The maid got me a band aid and the receptionist asked me “can you please throw that towel away, it has your blood it and I am legally not allowed to touch your blood”

“I think legally you should have provided me with a band aid after your sink sliced my finger, I may sue, and yes I will get the towel in the bin thanks” I uttered.

So I finally got cleaned up and I not only will post this to my blog but I will post it to the survey that the Inn on Venice Beach asked me to fill in this morning.
I am about to get on the flight to NZ and will no doubt talk when I get there._