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18 April 2009

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle from Scotland has become a sensation on the web and in the media. She was the rather chubby, dowdily dressed woman who walked on stage at Britain’s Got Talent on TV last week. The audience were shown on TV looking horrified and appeared to be mocking and giggling at Susan as she explained her singing dream.

Though the minute her voice rose throughout the theatre the audience and judges were visibly stunned, she sings like an angel.

Susan lives with her cat in West Lothian. She is single and rather than looking ‘unkempt’ and ‘bushy haired’ I think Susan looked really confident and walked onstage with ease! She bantered with the judges, ignored the nasty sneers from the hip young crowd and belted out a great song.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore tweeted about her and her YouTube video is getting over 25 million hits and counting!

This is a woman who doesn’t bother with upper lip waxing, hair serum or fashion advice, this is a Scottish woman who does charity work, plays with her cat, eats cake on telly and sings better than Madonna and doesn’t have to starve herself and body pump her loins to get an audiences respect. She has talent and she is openly honest about her wee Scottish life and I love her!

I hope she wins the competition and I hope she gets a record deal and doesn’t change who she is. The last thing we want is Susan done up like a ‘Haddy Supper’ scrubbed, brushed and flashed up by some skinny make-over bitch.

My other deep concern is that Susan is really naïve and lives in a tiny wee village with a wee village mentality. Reading about her and watching news interviews it seems her back story is that she was bullied and laughed at as a child. Some folk have hinted that she has mild learning difficulties – which in actual fact could be translated as dyslexia mixed with social awkwardness but in small rural Scotland that would be decided as ‘special needs’ especially back in the 60s when Susan was a child.

In a media circus that is driven by the young and beautiful, it goes to show that a rather tufty woman with enormous talent can overcome all prejudices.
They slinky, young and extremely hip will never have the singing pipes that Susan possesses and has been keeping quiet about in Broxburn all these years! Good on her!

Either way she needs protecting from the media and gently eased into her new life. I was appalled to hear that Russell Brand (media whore who would sell his foreskin for attention) has announced he will have sex with Susan the Virgin. All this done in his inimitable multi- syllable style and made to look like he would be doing her a favour. I was always a big fan of Russell and defended him during the Sachs-a-phone scandal of late, but that just makes me feel ill.

The thing is, Susan said she had never been kissed, that doesn’t necessarily make her a virgin, in Scotland men will have sex without kissing! (Ok that was a wee joke)…either way her personal life needs protecting. Brand’s slimy boasts annoy me.

And that’s why I worry about her.

I hope they don’t change her, I hope Susan enjoys her moment in the sun and I hope we all get to hear her lovely voice pretty soon._