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01 March 2008

It’s me again

I am in London working, yet again. The weather is howling, the wind last night nearly made me piss myself with fear. I am here alone and have been having a spate of nightmares, so windy weather battering at my window just isn’t helping.

My dreams are insane… Small weird people I don’t know who invite me into a strange looking chapel house, trap doors that open and celebrities that I have no intention of meeting are asking me for hot chocolate.

That’s just a slice of the dreams that slip through the blank canvas of my mind when I shut my eyes. What part of my life wants Tim Robbins and Sean Penn to make me their favourite waitress whose milk shake does bring all the boys to the yard? I really don’t know!

Last night I managed to live in India and was hording small monkeys inside a flying kite that could take me up above the sky, which was just in time for me to see India transform into the high rise flats of Glasgow.

Just before husband woke me up I was singing ‘The Boys of Summer’ with Don Henley and my dead mother was insisting that I cook her a wee omelette, except I was stirring a frying pan with my leather sandal and was worried that no one else was bothered. By the way Don Henley is lovely to meet in a subconscious world.

I can’t begin to tell you what happened to a small baby, but at that point the news on the radio had infiltrated my dreams and they were reporting a baby being thrown into a fire in Kenya. I must remember to turn off the radio when I sleep.

So I can’t sleep and I am not sure I ever want to again.

The UK news is filled with Prince Harry coming home from 10 weeks work in Afghanistan after someone leaked the news that he was on the ‘front line’ in the Helmund Province.

To think of all the mammies and daddies who are watching that news and wishing their kids could come home safely makes me feel so angered. I really don’t care HOW much the PR people in the Army say our wee Ginger Prince was on the frontline and in danger, as much as the next soldier. There is NO way that boy would be harmed, he has his own security personnel with him. I do feel for him, he is desperate to be working as a proper soldier, but the very fact he is home in case he is in dire danger, proves my point!

The military people say that Harry being exposed as working on a tour over there makes his whole unit in danger…well aren’t they already in danger?

Isn’t that what an alleged enemy is supposed to do? Is there an elite killer team on stand-by ready to kill only the special soldiers? It is all bollocks and I actually agree with Harry, let him fucking go and do his stuff. Though I bet you he isn’t out in active duty with substandard protective wear the same way Rose Gentle’s son Gordon was when he was killed. The military budget needs to spend more to protect our soldiers as there is string evidence that many parents are privately buying armour wear for their own son’s and daughters as the stuff provided to protect them is crap.

Meanwhile in Jersey the child abuse care home story is deepening and it seems there is so much more of this to come. Tales of dark dungeons being excavated where kids were chained and sexually abused are coming to light. It seems there has been a cover up about this issue for years; I hope the care authorities who hushed this get jailed.

I didn’t mean this blog to be a short news report, but it seems that’s just what I have done!

I am missing my family and my home…but am back in Glasgow on Monday and can’t wait to get ready for my ONE WOMAN SHOW at the GARAGE on Thursday March 6th.

I promise I will be funny._