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26 January 2008

The Bumpy Flight Home

Well, I am a frequent flyer but that flight back from Prague was horrific; I genuinely thought it was going to fall out of the sky near Glasgow.

There have been really horrendous winds in Glasgow and as the flight approached the landing, the plane felt like King Kong had a hold of it and was shaking the bloody thing furiously. I almost shit myself.

Just as we started the descent the pilot told us that the wind was too strong and he had to climb up again to avoid the wind and we may have to be diverted to Edinburgh!

Just then husband leaned over and said “You should see the air hostess she is vomiting into a bag”

“Why the fuck did you tell me that, now I am really scared?” I shouted over the noise of the plane being rattled in the wind.

“Why? She might have eaten something dodgy in Prague” he argued back.

“Or…she might be thinking we are going to crash” I screamed “So shut up”

“She might be pregnant” he shouted loudly enough for the poor woman to stop vomiting and scowl at him. I could have clubbed him to death with my shoe…fucking nutter that he is.

He then sat there as the plane was tossed about in the sky and gave me at least seven good reasons why the woman was throwing up and I was trying to get my IPod into my ear, I know you are not supposed to listen to any electronic devices as the plane lands, but I didn’t want the last words I ever hear to be him annoying me, I would rather have listened to Prefab Sprout sing.

“You aren’t supposed to have that in as we land, it could interfere with the landing” he hissed.

“Fuck right off, who is going to stop me, the pregnant, food poisoned scared air hostess?” I shouted.

I didn’t put the IPod on as I knew it was wrong but the deafening effect the ear plugs gave me helped.

Finally the plane did land after we were seriously buffeted by strong winds and the plane had see-sawed for a few minutes.

The good news is I really enjoyed Prague, the place is awesome and I cannot praise enough the people at Prague City Apartments.

We stayed at the Karolina residence and it was just beautiful, I don’t often endorse companies on my blog, but these people were awesome and the flat was huge!

They even let me check out at 9pm at night as my flight was a late departure.

Go check them out if you are ever going to Prague, who needs a hotel when a one bedroom spacious flat is so cheap and so well appointed?