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18 January 2008

Cardiff is freezing

I flew to Cardiff yesterday at tea time and the wind nearly whipped me off my wee fat ankles. The flight was fine, but on arrival at the airport I exited and headed for the taxi office and the strong wind picked up my thick hair that in turn gave my face whiplash.

I checked into my lovely 5 star fancy hotel that I am staying in (it’s my birthday on Sunday and I deserved a treat) and the smarmy nice people in top hats looked at me like I was Little Nell on a begging trip.

There is no way you can look good with snot dripping out of your nose and mascara running down your cheeks from the wind that got me yet again from the short walk from taxi to swishy door entry.

I had decided to book myself in for a facial but when I went down to the wonderfully expensive beauty therapy spa, the girl who offered me my facial looked very young.

“Are you here for business?” she asked when we discussed times and prices.

“Yes, I am performing at Jongleurs comedy club” I told her.

“I don’t know where that is as I am too young to go to clubs, I am seventeen” she smiled.

“And I am not letting you near my skin” I thought to myself, how much training in beauty therapy does a 17 year old have? Especially at these prices. So I ditched the skin regime idea and silently wondered where a girl could get chocolate at this time of the night in the isolated hotel in Cardiff’s docks.

I peered out of the window and saw debris been whirled around at the bay and decided against going out. I stepped into the restaurant feeling hungry and ready for dinner, but the menu looked very expensive, now I am a regular posh nosh diner, but I only wanted a snack. I did not want to pay £50 for two pan seared prawns arranged on top of each other, sitting neatly on one single potato slice with a truffle shaving artfully placed in the centre of a huge white plate.

They did have a bar snack option and I munched down a big sandwich and that set me fine for the night.

So today I have to venture out into Cardiff city centre to get some shopping done and get ready for my Cardiff Jongleurs gig tonight. I may get blown away…it looks scary out there…talk later._