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04 October 2007

Britain’s Top Forger

Tom McAnea was jailed last this week for six years in Glasgow after being caught printing millions of Euros and Sterling. ‘Hologram Tam’ he was dubbed by the Glasgow police, as he was an expert in his field.

Tam was known the world over for being the best in his business; he was a genius in his field. There was nothing that Tam couldn’t reproduce, right down to the secure watermarks and fine paper that was needed to organise such a venture.

Tam is a good friend of mine and every poster or flyer I ever got made and previewed on this blog was made and printed at his now infamous print shop Print Link.

Tam is such a great raconteur; you could never get a job done in the shop for his funny stories.
Sometimes we would end up in the local bar and Tam would hold court with his anecdotes, I will miss him but I will go visit if I can and write to him.

It seems the local police have many pictures of the comings and goings of the late night shifts at Print Link and I am sure they must have some images of me, as I used to work in there late at night getting the posters designed. I don’t care, as I knew nothing of the slab boy’s activities upstairs.

Many people reading this will assume that I sympathise with criminals…but you have to remember I lived within a criminal family most of my married life and to me corporate crime is deemed less worrisome than violent evil acts.

To be honest I think Tony Blair is more of a criminal than Tam; he dragged our country into an illegal war. The authorities say that Tam would have destabilised the economy with his forged notes.

No more than our shit government are already doing with funding a war against the Iraq’s as far as I am concerned.

I hope Tam has an easy time in prison and I know he will, as he was well loved within the criminal community and deserves the label genius, I just wish he had put his artistic talents into something more legal and was out on the streets contributing to the community.

I don’t know who is going to make my posters for the forthcoming festivals, unless of course the prison had an art department and Tam can still take orders._