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22 July 2007

The Great Floods and my history…

It seems Middle England is under water this week. Huge floods have swept across most of Cheltenham, Gloucester and other places that sound like building society’s in the UK.
Scotland seems to be fine so far and I am not sure if we are under threat but there is a reason they call us Lowlanders here in Glasgow!

I may move to the Highlands like my forefathers. Actually I recently investigated my gene pool and it seems I had a great, great, great Granny with the surname Derham, which isn’t actually from Durham but is Dutch.
How nice, I quite like being a bit Dutch.

My husband has Scottish Highlanders going back five generations and that explains why our daughter is really tall and looks like a big highland lass! All dark hair, fair skin and strong legs, Ashley was made for tree felling and fighting invaders.

I was made for rolling down hills and making clogs I suspect.

Here is my family tree that I found out so far- start at the bottom with my dad and work upwards.

(Her mum and dad) John Derham and Catherine Rogers (no dates)
(Her mum) Julia Derham (b 1853 d 1914)
(Her mum)Julia Gunn (b 1887 d 1949)
(His mother) Martha Currie (Died in 1950’s)
My dad Jim Currie (still alive)

So there we are- a wee bit of my history. I would like to add more to it, but I am still searching and need to go up to the genealogy department to finish it all off, but haven’t got the time yet.
I love figuring out where I came from and find it immensely interesting.
I will update as I find out more.

My name Godley was actually my middle name, I was born Janey Godley Currie –Godley was given to me by my Aunt Janey who married a bloke called John Godley in the late 50s and then she divorced him and I was left with his name and no one knows anything about him!
I suspect he was from Kent or somewhere like that, my aunt and he never had kids together and I don’t speak to my aunt. She hated me for taking her brother to court for sexually abusing me.

Her brother is my Uncle David who raped and abused me as a child and she defended him and insists I am a liar.
My uncle was charged and sentenced to three years imprisonment for abusing my sister and me. So I will probably never know who John Godley was or is or where he is now. But I have his name and I am proud of it!

I don’t hate my Aunt Janey, I feel sorry for her. She is somewhere out there convincing herself that her family name is intact and their honour is preserved.
What a shame, but I don’t feel sorry for telling the truth….EVER!_