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11 July 2007

Gulls must die…

My bed is directly beneath my window in our bedroom and we always have the window tilted open. This morning I woke up with screaming and screeching in my ear, I leapt to the floor and ran to the door when husband shouted “Its ok it’s a gull outside, not Ashley”
I fell on the bed in a state of fear, in my sleepiness I thought it was my daughter screaming from her room. So gulls must die.

Like I need more noisy things to frighten me on my sleep? No.

I am still getting everything organised for the Edinburgh fringe. Tomorrow I go to London to do my first preview of the show ‘Tell It Like It Is’ which will run throughout the fringe at the Pleasance venue and I will be doing a chat show at the Green Room also.

Two shows a day is good, it keeps me busy and makes me work hard which I love to bits.
Ashley is doing a play called the Guid Sisters and it will be awesome to see her onstage, I can’t wait, she is such a good actress.
Husband isn’t looking forward to any of it, he isn’t into the Fringe the way we are.

I on the other hand love it, three weeks of performing nightly is so up my street like you cannot believe!

Yesterday I went over to see Shaun, my wee nephew and he is now ten years old. He is getting tall and funny, he asked me if he could come over to my house for the night, but I had to tell him that Ashley has her period and may claw him like a tiger as she is very grumpy today…this confused a wee ten year old boy, so its just as well he is getting sex education at school soon as he lives with three females and he better get up to speed soon.
I said to him “One day the word ‘ovulating’ is going to mean so much to you”
He didn’t understand but he will…one day…
Poor wee man.

I am sure he will catch on soon enough and learn to build a safety bunker in the basement with food supplies and drinking water so he can avoid the rampaging hormonal Amazonian Scottish women that roam is house whilst ovulating.]

Meanwhile I am going to make Ashley a hot water bottle…maybe it was her screams I heard this morning?_