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05 June 2007

Never scared me…

Seems the day I had flown out of JFK, the New York police and FBI stopped a plot to blow it up!
They have arrested four men who are allegedly the terrorists who had organised to explode the fuel pipes that feed that airport.
I don’t know if the day I was flying out was that day they were getting ready to go to town on their explosive attack but I do know I no longer care or worry or fear terrorism.

When in London on any public transport I go sit right beside any Muslim looking man carrying a backpack. I figure if you welcome death it evades you and I never intend to be scared.

When I was a kid people would tell me not to go near a dog because it was biter and
I would always make a point of rubbing its head and making friends with it. I welcomed the rage of the animal, as I was sure if it smelt fear it would bite but if it recognised my lack of terror it would be ok.

This neither makes me brave or mad, it’s just a theory that I lived with and I have survived loads of shit in my life.
A few years ago a building near my home exploded, people died and were dying in that building and I ran towards it with a camera taking pictures of the devastation.

Those pics made the front page of the Glasgow Evening Times.
People questioned my motives at the time and I reckoned that a documentation of the unfolding event needed to be recorded. I have no idea why I carried on taking pictures as people were running around injured, but it felt ok at the time and as I have no real first aid experience I wouldn’t have tried to administer it.

So taking pictures was the only thing I could do.

Carrying on regardless in the middle of a scary situation is what I prefer to do.
My theory has seen me through the scariest of times and I am sticking with it. I don’t mean I actively seek danger, but if presented with a dangerous situation, I would rather fly in the face of it.

The only thing that really scares me is wasps and flying beasties.

Show me wasps or bugs and I will scream like a girl and run like the fucking wind.

Show me a man with a knife and I will challenge him to an arm wrestle._