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23 March 2007

I played the Carnegie Hall this week…it sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

This one is in Dunfermline though, which is the birth place of Andrew Carnegie, the wee town is awesome.
The hall was amazing and the crowd were wonderful.

Dunfermline is a pretty town and the architecture is stunning.

Though I did come across and annoying bastard.

I walked to the local café ironically called “Fresh” because fresh for a fight was what I got from a pedantic man who owned it.

The café boasts internet at £1.50 for 30 minutes. Now those of you, who know me, will recall my never ending fight with the internet and it’s not always reliable.

So I sat down outside the Fresh café to check if I could actually get online.

The waitress came out and asked me if I wanted to buy something.

“Would you mind waiting for a moment, I need to check I can get on the web, because if I cant get online, I will need to go as I have a deadline to meet, so please bear with me a second” I answered and she smiled and agreed.

Before I could even check the online status a tall skinny man who was unloading stuff into the café came over and said “You are cheeky”

I looked at him and people around me smirked at his comment.

“Excuse me but I did say to the waitress that I need to check if your web works before I make a purchase, as the only reason I will buying something is to get online, which costs £1.50 and I will have to pay for so I don’t think I am being cheeky” I answered back.

“You are sitting in my seats so you need to buy something” he quipped back.

“Yes, I will be paying for the web IF IT WORKS, so I am checking that it does before I sit here with a £3 coffee and no internet” I argued back.

I stood up and lifted my laptop and added “You know what Mr nasty pants, I will just go elsewhere, I am a journalist writing about Dunfermline and how it treats its visitors, you obviously know how to do that so you can stick your FRESH Café here in Kirkgate Dunfermline right up your own back door…thanks”

I marched four steps to the café next to it called ESCAPE.

There the lady told me to sit down and check the web, she wasn’t sure if it worked and offered me a comfy seat to try it. The place was busy and smelled nice and the people didn’t have that air of ‘Snootiness’ about them.

The web came on FREE! I was so happy; she even gave me a free coffee because I looked so upset.
I found out from a customer in the Escape that the guy who owns the nasty Fresh café next door is a local Labour Politician and apparently he is cheeky to everyone in Dunfermline and often has that air of superiority about himself.

Well what a surprise!
So if any of you want to go to the pretty wee town of Dunfermline that gave the world the wonderful philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and houses the best café called ESCAPE in Kirkgate…do go and say hello to the lovely woman behind the counter.

Give the man next door in fresh café a sneer from me._