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17 February 2007

Yet Again I am late!

Sorry for being so damn crap at the blog lately. Just to keep you updated, I am in London. I flew here yesterday to do the radio thing.
The radio thing happened this morning; it was BBC Radio 4 Fi Glover Saturday Morning live!
The show is awesome but it did start at 9am, which meant I had to get up at 7am and get ready for the cab.
Now I am staying in Point West flats, they are situated behind the main houses in Cromwell road, now the problem there is…Point West claims to be ON Cromwell Road but its not really…the people who made this building decided that’s where it will be placed and the address will be Cromwell Road …and taxi cabs can never find it. Despite being a huge building, it’s hidden by the huge houses ON the Cromwell road. You can see the problem here cant you?
So I had to call the BBC driver and locate him, negotiate my way to HIM as he would have needed to seen through brick like Superman to find me.

I do love the flat, it is beautiful…I mean stunningly beautiful but even inside this huge block we have problems.
For a start if you are on the 4th floor, you have to take the main lift to floor 3 then walk right round the floor and take a single lift up to floor 4!
That’s not too confusing is it? Except all the halls look identical, all the doors are uniform and there are six banks of elevators and three sets of single lifts!
It’s like Narnia once you are in here. You can get lost for days.

Last night a young journalist came to the flat to interview me and got lost inside the place until I had to go find him, the poor guy was running round hopping on lift after lift and going up and down floors like a hyperactive child. I had to give him tea to calm him down before the interview.

My best mate Monica and I went out last night to Groucho, we ate some chips, had a few drinks and went upstairs and played some snooker…well I say snooker…I am too small to play it and the table was huge so we just potted balls for a while.

That was until two guys arrived and we knew we couldn’t be that crap in front of people…so we gave up. Being shit at snooker is only something you can do without an audience.

Back to this morning…O I located the taxi at 8am and made it to broadcasting house in time. The radio show went great and Fi Glover is a wonderfully funny host. I really loved the show.
Just thought I would let you know…my videos on various websites including YouTube have received some funny death threats…apparently you are not allowed to take the piss out of Jade Goody or George Bush!

I don’t care…I love that attention…I mean its not like some Brazilian or crazy American is going to actually come over to the UK to find me…especially if I hide in the flats at Point West…they will take days to track me down and probably get lost in the process!_