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29 January 2007

Malcolm Hardee’s Tribute Show…

The Hackney Empire was full of crazy comics last night. The show was to pay tribute to the amazing Malcolm Hardee and loads of lovely comics turned up to do their stuff.
I was there in attendance as hostess in the green room and I really dislike alcohol and people who drink alcohol! Not really the ideal job for me….especially as I ran a bar for 15 years….you would think I would have gotten over that shit eh?

The celebrity gangster Dave Courtney was one of the compares of the night and he is so fucking funny and over the top I can’t begin to tell you how hilarious he is…
He dresses so fancy and dandy he looks like Elton John! I swear he had three dress changes, one outfit was a cream brocade suit, the other was a blue shiny jacket and at one point he was clad in vivid purple…he had more dress changes than Shirley Bassey on a Bond Sing a long!

I was in the kitchen pouring drinks at one point and Dave came in made a mess with cheese that scattered all over the floor, I stood there and shouted “For fucksake Dave, I just cleaned that floor”
He smiled and said in front of everyone there “Babes clean it up darlin’, that’s what women do, that’s how I treat my women” I knew he was being funny and he isn’t really that rude, he was playing up for his mates.

Everyone there stared at me; I looked at him, held out the wee dustpan and brush and said quietly “Please brush that”
He leaned down in his bright cream brocade suit and started to clean and I put my feet on his back and said “And that’s how I treat my men”

He laughed his ass off and we actually hit it off, he does like being bossed around with women and with my old gangster connections I knew just how to treat him right back. I did actually like him and he is irrepressibly polite and funny to be with which did surprise me….so it just goes to show you cannot judge people too quickly!

Jo Brand was also on the bill and she is wonderfully funny and nice to chat to, there were some newer comics there and one young female called Helen Keen was fucking awesome. Watch out for her name on the comedy scene, she is just wickedly funny.

I had a great night and enjoyed the show even though I was supposed to be working, John Fleming who helped on Malcolm’s autobiography “I Stole Freddy Mercury’s Birthday Cake” organised the whole thing and he did a great job pulling it all together.

So now I am home and husband made a big stew dinner which was lovely as when I am away I live on chocolate!_