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22 January 2007

Jade Goody, suicide attempt!

Well as predicted in my blog two days ago, Jade Goody is reported in the press as being ‘suicidal’ I did say that her next step at attention and retribution would be her threatening an attempt on her life.

The Scottish Sun screams the headline today January 22nd – ‘Jade on The Brink’ and reports that the Big Brother star is on the brink of taking her own life.
This can only be a reflection on society yet again.

This woman was originally feted by the British Press since her first release from Big Brother in 2002.
She never won Big Brother back then, so why is this woman worth so much to the media?
I assume that Miss Goody was famous for being ‘fat, common and ignorant’ and for that reason the public took her to their hearts. She wouldn’t change for no one!
If Jade is happy about who she is and honest about how she looks then why did she get so much liposuction and surgery to change her appearance?
She could have spent the cash on expanding her vocabulary and learning more about other cultures.

She left the Big Brother house and embarked on a spate of reality type shows including ‘What Jade did next’ then subsequently released her autobiography and launched a perfume called ‘Shh’. It has been recently withdrawn from the Perfume Shop, due to the racism outcry.

She was so popular with young girls all over the UK and treated to Celeb status within the industry. Is this really what we want young people to emulate?
Who now wants to be like Jade Goody?

Now since her very public tumble from grace, she has no where to turn.

She is reported as saying “I have no career after this, I have ruined my career entirely”

I have no idea what that career was…I admire people who come from talent shows and make it in the big bad world of entertainment but when that person has no actual talent I get angry.

Jade talking on various chat shows, shagging men who then equally become famous for bedding her, her mum becomes famous for being a bad parent …the list goes on!

When it all comes down to it, Jade being Jade is an awfully frightening reality in itself.

Endemol the production company that is responsible for Big Brother had invested so much in Jade that it too is now reviewing its future with the big mouthed bully.
She is no longer ‘hot’ she is in fact suicidal and frightened for her kids life.

This is a terrible turn around for any woman to bear and I do sympathise BUT…talent and integrity should be the reason people become famous and rich.

The one person who will shine throughout this experience is Shilpa Shetty, the graceful Indian actress.
Her intelligence, beauty and class overcame the guttersnipes and that is a wonderful lesson to every young girl who studies hard, behaves with honour and is true to herself.

That is something I want young women to look up to._