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20 January 2007

Inverness, my birthday and Big Brother…

The train journey up through those beautiful snow capped hills was awesome and Inverness is just beautiful. I was doing a one woman show at the Eden Theatre and I was really concerned that on that frozen rainy night – no one would turn up to hear a Scottish woman gab about her life!

I was also quite worried that the showdown between the Big Brother contestants Shilpa and Jade would make people stay at home.

The good news was that LOADS of people turned up, it was wonderful.
I also got some great press in Inverness and the people are so friendly, for instance I arrived at a small pizza joint at 5pm.
There was only one wee guy there and I assumed the place was closed but I was starving. He was so lovely, he sat me down made me a cup of tea and baked me a great pizza within minutes. I loved him! What service!

What I did love about Inverness was the people who sat after the show and chatted to me at length, they were so supportive and interesting.

The down side was I had a really bad reception on my phone and no internet connection whatsoever.

I was really pleased that the article I wrote about Jade Goody’s attitude and behaviour in Celeb Big Brother that has been make international news got printed in today’s Scotsman Newspaper.
I was disgusted with her bullish-ness.

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother was losing ratings as the interesting guests started walking out, and had been the worst ratings for the show since its conception.

Now that there is racial tension, the ratings have gone through the roof. What does that say about us as a nation of viewers? The pack mentality being exercised in the Big Brother House is unacceptable yet it has been proved to be a huge success for Endemol.

The political repercussions are resonating throughout the world.
Gordon Brown is currently in India and it’s a bad day when our Chancellor of the Exchequer has to defend a chav in our International community. He is battling to preserve the British image over the fuming accusations of racism.
MP Tessa Jowell made a statement saying “This is racism being presented as entertainment”
Who would have imagined a few media hungry, fake tanned, foul mouthed young women could cause such a stir?

I assume that now the errant bully and racist Ms Goody is now out of the reality TV show and has realised her carefully constructed image had been shattered, she will have to rethink her strategy in PR.
Let’s hope she doesn’t do the obvious and go for public sympathy and do a ‘fake attempt on her life’ and end up in hospital citing exhaustion. It’s too obvious but seems inevitable. I hope she is strong enough to resist that path of attention.

So I am lying here on the sofa and having fun, the good news is my husband NEVER got me LAVENDER for my birthday as he did last year!

That’s the best news for me!_