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06 August 2006

Day Four Fringe

Not exhausted yet! Everyone keeps asking me if I am tired, like I have cancer or something! Doing three shows a day is fun, I can’t imagine how lazy I was only doing one for the last two years….this is cool!
Well the reviews are coming in, one two star and one four star for the very same show both reviewers attended of Square Street!
Though I have to concede that both are correct…Mr Chortle Steve was appalled at the language and the piss taking and he should be.

“Yes, it’s pretty obvious this is comedy unbothered by political correctness” he said and he is right, it does what it says on the flyer!
I did love the fact he said we got “Loud Guffaws” was great, thanks Steve.
Ashley is so loving the controversy that the show is causing and the press reports are in fact putting bums on seats.

Last night I had the lovely Mackenzie Crook and his adorable wife come to see my blog show, that was so nice to see a friendly face in the audience and they both seemed to enjoy the show. Am honoured! A real pirate of the Caribbean in my show made the night!
I did tell him all about Ashley being addicted to Puzzle Pirates on the web….both he and his wife pissed themselves when I told them Ashley stayed up all night because she lost a galleon on rough seas and managed to drop 40 doubloons between the hours of 2am and 4am…she really needs to get a man.
Ashley is studying hard just now as she has three Uni exams between shows next week.
I am not partying too much as I am old, I don’t play internet games as I get sex.

Was well chuffed to wake up today (Sunday) and see three big broadsheets covering all of our shows, one even had a nice big picture Duff publicity is the best!

Must go, am off to shout at a special needs person who gives CPR to a small sheep with a lazy eye (Square Street)._