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13 June 2006

Life and Luggage…

Yes, the luggage arrived finally. I was really worried as the whole case was ripped open, so I quickly did a check to see what was missing…do you know what was gone? My make up and my good BAFTA dress! Yes…the case thief left a brand new hard drive, an IPOD, a camera tripod and mini disc player, yet made off with make up and a fucking dress!
Some scary mad transsexual is dancing around Heathrow in my frock and eclectic selection of make up.
So I filed a complaint for compensation.

On Sunday morning I got up, got dressed and headed for the Byres road for a quiet coffee. As I entered the trendy West End street, I was greeted by blaring pop music, 36 women dressed as butterflies and about 17 Down Syndrome adults with their faces painted as tigers blowing silver whistles!
Holy Fuck…I thought my jetlag had made me go mental, turns out it was the West End Festival, so I turned on my heels and headed for home.
I also had to get up early to get new make up…can you believe a decent make up brush costs £20, husband almost pissed himself and bit off his own arm at the thought of me paying all that cash for what he describes as ‘A bushy thing that rubs shit on your face’ but I needed to get new make up as I had an interview with BBC television.
I have a few press things set up this week and am off again – yes, its suitcase and pyjama time again, I have not got over jetlag yet either and I am going to Manchester this weekend.
Ashley and I are rehearsing and getting stuff ready for our Edinburgh Fringe show, we sat in the sunshine at a beer garden and went through all the characters that we play, some of these characters are quite…how can I say…politically incorrect, the people around us were horrified!
Ashley and I went up to BBC radio studios to do a live round up of the NZ comedy festival, it is the first time we have done a live radio show together, it was really funny, as we both got the giggles just before we went live and had to stop looking at each other for fear of pissing ourselves and being unprofessional.
So we have decided to keep the show to quiet places till the Festival kicks off!

I am not used to being home, husband is like a dog with two tails, and his excitement at having me here is starting to annoy me. I am lying awake at night, not sure where my head is, the jet lag is so fucking draining and I have to have my intelligent head on as I am so busy.
I am missing Ashley today, she has gone to stay at her mate’s house, she needed some space, I needed her near. I have to say spending that length of time with her in NZ was the singular most wonderful experience of my life. She really did make the trip so special, I usually spend a lot of time on my own when on tour, but she made me smile and laugh out loud so many times and the people of the comedy circuit in NZ really made her very welcome, I am blessed. I want to thank all of those guys for the love and generous time they gave us. Ashley and I have made friends for life in NZ and I want to live there forever!
I am up late tonight, in the hope tomorrow I will sleep past 6am….see you all soon._