What's new with Janey
04 May 2006

Today was fun….

My daughter Ashley woke up, and told me she was filming today for her University project. Then she got upset as the guy who was playing a transvestite in her video called off. She was making a MOCK-documentary about how people do stuff to get into TV. She was filming this guy who was supposed to be getting a sex change to take part in a reality TV show.
“Dad wake up” she shouted.
“What is it?” her father pulled his head out of the covers.
“Can you get up and dress as a woman and walk along the street for me, please?” She pleaded “The actor was going to do it but has pulled out, please dad I will dress you up, and you will suit a dress, can you be a tranny for the day?”
My husband stared at her with a very frightened face “If you can’t get anyone else I may try”
What a father he is, the big East End man with gangland connections is willing to be a transsexual in public for his daughter. How cool?
Luckily Ashley did get Scott Agnew, a lovely stand up comic from Glasgow to do the job and what a job he did, it was awesome. I had a bit part also and the finished product is so funny yet touching!
I have just had a call from my mate Craig in BA, he is helping me get all my travel arrangements sorted and has been so helpful I offered to marry him; he said no- but that’s cool. I did offer!
After the horrid way I was treated by a member of staff at Glasgow British Airways back in March (she was so nasty and rude to me I complained and got apologies from BA but vowed never to use them again!)–he is the sole reason I will fly with them again. He is a credit to his company and I can’t wait to see him when he comes to The Soho Theatre shows in late June. I LOVE YA man….
I went to see my sister today as it was her birthday; she was looking lovely and am so glad she had a good lunch at Rogano in Glasgow, she deserves it.

Was walking through town today and the sun was so bright, it brought all the people out of their offices with a smile to smoke on the city streets as we have a smoking ban in all public places in Scotland.

I was trying to buy a dress today for events coming up but as usual my humongous tits fit into nothing, my body is down 18 pounds but my boobs defy all natures requests to shrink so I have to buy a huge top and a small skirt…how fucked is that?

I may get a boob reduction if this continues; my latest live blog 5 on Livedigital provoked many comments from people mostly in USA saying how big my boobs were! I am Dolly Parton of Glasgow, I am off to buy minimiser bra, the kind of bra that squashes your tits flat and practically stuffs them under your armpits! Not sexy but looks better!
Am almost all organised for NZ, and I will be blogging from there and doing live blogs into video and putting them up on Livedigital, you will see link to them through my website also._