What's new with Janey
18 April 2006

London, Gigs and period pains

The gigs have been great fun, I really enjoyed the radio show on BBC Radio 4 Loose Ends, Ned is a great entertainer and it’s awesome to learn from someone so experienced. I have still not got the adverts finalised for the fringe brochure as I am still waiting on a time confirmation from one venue, hopefully they will tell me tomorrow as the deadline is Friday!
Last night I did a storytelling gig with Noel Faulkner, he owns the Comedy Café over in London’s East End. Noel is a great raconteur and fabulous storyteller, check out his show on May 8th and 9th at Comedy Café.
I went along to One Word radio studio’s to record a show that goes out this Saturday; I was talking about my five fav books.
1- The Shipping News
3-The Family at One End Street
4- Behind the Scenes at the Museum
5-Madame Bovary

So today I woke up and have a womb like a cluster bomb. It has imploded and I feel as though two rabid Alsatian dogs were ripping apart my fallopian tubes as a small angry clown banged on my ovaries with a claw hammer.
I love being a woman.
I am off to Bristol on Thursday, so I have two more nights here in lovely Westminster.

I am going to miss my beautiful daughters 20th Birthday tomorrow, I am in London and she is in Glasgow. This will be the first birthday I have ever missed and it hurts.
Can you believe she is 20? I cant it felt like only yesterday she was two and was playing with a wee plastic horse. Where did it all go? I was married at her age and running a bar in Glasgow’s East End, she has her whole life to go places and have fun.
I won’t die on her like my mammy died on me, I will be there to see it all and will always be on hand to help.
I am lucky; you should see what I made 20 years ago! She’s tall, intelligent, talented and very pretty and won’t get married by mistake, won’t give up her dreams to run a bar, won’t accept second best in life and will always be my wee baby.