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12 February 2006

Missing my Home and trying to Kill my Husband…

I am a nasty whore lately, we are staying in this wee serviced flat and everything is so small and close. The flat is great don’t get me wrong but small ‘see through’ plastic tables that are knee high and my big clumsy husband do not a partnership make.

He is making me mental, we are not used to being stuck together in such a small space, I climbed into bed, I had to go from the bottom and climb up as there is no real space at the sides and as I climbed I accidentally put my pillow on his face as he slept and he screamed thinking I was trying to suffocate him, I wasn’t then but now I might.

The flat is cool, the advantages out weigh the cons as we have a full kitchen and good TV service and Free internet!

I cant wait to see Ashley, she called last night and told me at her Karaoke night she hosts there was a big mental man with a big cut on his head trying to sing “Who’s Sorry Now” she made me laugh telling me the whole scene, step by step….thank God she has his height, looks, brown eyes, good hair yet my DNA!

Well I have to apologise to my bloggers who normally receive a ‘February Newsletter’. My pc has been screwed and I haven’t had time to get it done. Sorry!

I was appalled to see in our National press, British soldiers attacking some Iraq’ youths, this is fucking terrifying and morally awful…who wants to be the parents of these young men? Who fucked them up so far that they attack helpless people in such a degrading manner? War makes people mental but it shouldn’t make them violent to that extent, we can’t become animals in the face of an enemy.

I am also annoyed at the whole ‘Drawings of Mohammed’ situation sparked off in Denmark. I am a stand up comic and I reserve the right to take the piss out of anything I see fit. On stage I laugh at Catholics, protestants and Jewish people, the audience laugh…but when I say the word ‘Muslim’ they all go squeamish and nervously quiet…surely its ok to talk about every religion? Surely leaving out the Muslims that’s a form of discrimination?
It turns out that photo copies of Mohammed dressed up as a paedophile were passed around extremist groups, when the Danish press were confronted by these images they were horrified as they NEVER drew those cartoons. It was extremist groups that drew them themselves and admitted this saying “This is what they would look like if you had drawn them”
That’s fucking outrageous! It was done to incite more hatred!
The world is mental.

I have one more gig tonight at Leeds Jongleurs and tomorrow I drive through to Manchester to take part in the BBC Radio 4 show ’60 acts in 60 Minutes’, then I go home for one night and fly out to London on Wednesday to go to party season central! Brits and Bafta’s in one week? I am a society IT girl….well tit girl to be honest!_