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07 January 2006

January makes me sad…

I will be 45 on January the 20th.
It is my mother’s birthday this month as well, she was born on the 13th January weirdly the same birthday as my best friend Monica! My mum would have been 71 this year, she died in 1982 at the hands of her violent boyfriend, (sorry to have to repeat that but new people to the blog will be unaware of that situation).
I will raise a glass of good expensive lemonade to her and Monica that day! (I don’t drink much!)
I do miss my mammy so much, and some times it hurts to even recall her smile.

On another note, I have a really sore knee, I sat on a chair and it made a grisly noise and the pain was like a sharp knitting needle going into it…you know you are old when you get a ‘sitting’ accident!
I am just waiting on my eyelids falling off and tits collapsing. Its all down hill from here guys!

Last night was cool I was onstage at a gig at Curlers bar in Glasgow’s West End, and on the way home I walked into a street fight. I was just strolling along listening to my IPOD watching the drunks stumble home to the tune of Madonna.
As I approached the Western bar near Kelvinbridge, I saw a fracas on the pavement.

There was a bloke with his back to me about to lob a brick at a man in the street, I was walking toward him from behind and simply with total ease I reached out with one gloved hand and grabbed his wrist, he dropped the brick and I carried on walking towards his intended victims.
I know that it was a silly thing to get involved in, but I knew by his body language that he was very drunk and his grip was sloppy and he didn’t have a good purchase on the brick anyway and the man he was about to throw a brick at was an old friend of mine who used to be a customer in my bar fifteen years ago, he now runs his own bar near my home….so friends are friends and I may be a West End girl but you can never rub the East End out of my blood!

The fight never broke out, the drunk man ran from the scene and my old mate and I had a laugh at the astonishing coincidence of me walking up to the guy as he was about to throw a brick!

So all in all an eventful night. I am on stage at Blackfriars tonight; I hope no Scots man is hoping to enter the Olympic brick throwing competition._