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25 December 2005

A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle..
So its Christmas Eve, I am lying in bed at 5pm for a wee pre festive nap, my bed head is directly beneath my window and in my light slumber I can hear…tap tap tap tap…what the hell is going on? Who is hammering in the back car park on fucking Christmas Eve?

So I finally get up and drag my knees onto my pillows, pull open the curtain and look into the circular car park at the back of my house. I am four floors up and have a great panoramic view of the whole grounds.

There between parked cars is one tall guy clapping his hands and stamping his feet and five other well built dark haired guys dancing some Spanish Flamenco type moves, with twirls and short cracking heel movements.

I thought to myself ‘What the fuck?’ and called on my daughter to come see in case I was having a pre menopausal flush hallucination or something.
She leaned onto my bed lifted up the curtains and gaped at the dancing men below.

I mean this is Glasgow…we expect glue sniffers and junkies not the fucking Jets and the Sharks to be having a dance off beside my blue Renault. You always see dance movies where people burst into dance moves and skip round cars…but you don’t expect it to actually happen…only in my life guys!

So I opened my window and shouted down to them “Well done”.

They all stopped looked up at my face from four floors away and smiled “Come down” they shouted.

“I can’t its cold” I laughed and shook my head.

Immediately they all started to take off their coats to offer me warmth (how cute!).

“No, ok I will come down” I shut the window and pulled off my pyjama top and put on bra (I didn’t want to scare them) and some warm clothes.

When I got down into the car park and they saw me close up they put their jackets back on (I kid you not, from a distance I look ok, close up Rapunzel turned into repulsive!).

They told me they were Spanish dancer (that figured) they are rehearsing for a show in Paris next week and cannot rehearse in a flat as the noise makes other Glaswegians want to stab them, so the best place is the car park!
I stood and watched and took some pictures, here is a link to them


So today I awoke to 27 text messages wishing me a Merry Christmas, I was so tired and so not ready to eat turkey or do any that stuff. I am not a good cook but I have to tell you all, I managed to make a full on traditional turkey dinner complete with warm cranberry sauce, apricot stuffed turkey, honey roasted parsnips and wild berry panacotta….Marks and Spencer’s really do good ready to heat meals.
Have fun all…am off to watch young hot Spaniards dance in the fog beside my car.