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31 October 2005

Happy Halloween….

In that stunning apartment in Chelsea, I woke up at 4am this morning. I had no idea why or what got me awake, but it scared me and I was confused as to where I was. I fell back asleep after a while and woke up at 9am. I decided to get my ass outta bed and get packed, drink tea, check the news, check my emails, download some Itunes for my journey home. I downloaded Tom Robinson, Billy Joel, Glen Frey, John Mellencamp and Kanye West.

I was doddering about the place, checking and re checking the place was cleared when my mobile rang. It was a lovely TV woman from BBC in London, we have been emailing each other about a project she may want me involved in. She asked me if I could come see her today when she discovered I was actually in London and not Glasgow as she assumed I would be.

“Can you come to BBC White City on the way to Heathrow? You won’t miss your flight will you?” She asked me, I did a quick time check and reckoned I could make the meeting and the flight as they were providing cabs. “It will be fine, see you soon” I answered as I started throwing toothbrush and toiletries into my stuffed case, pulled on my coat and trundled the awkward luggage to the lift.

I was there in no time really, my hair was still wet, but I had on make up which was a blessing as it was a filmed audition! It seemed to go well I think, you can never tell really, you never actually know what they want to be honest.

So I am home, I had dinner, drank tea and finally sat at the computer. Something strange just happened; I was going through the red box that sits on my PC unit. I was looking for an old business card and that’s where they are all kept. Now this collection of business cards dates back to 1996!

Anyway I was going through them and came across a plain white card from New York Times.
I remembered where and when I got it, I was in New York in 1999; I was doing some open mike nights in Manhattan, in between doing paid gigs for the Irish up in Queens.
Anyway I digress, I was at this club run by a guy called Joel, I am sure it was called Tuesday Night Train Wreck and it was near Brooklyn.
I recall being there watching acts, doing a short gig and chatting to this bloke, I remember him giving me his card and telling me he was a journalist. I kept it all these years.
So ANYWAY his name is Jesse McKinley, now that rang a bell and I realise that this was the GUY who wrote a nice piece about me at the Edinburgh Fringe 2004 in the NEW YORK TIMES. I didn’t realise this was the same bloke I had met six years ago!
I thought that was very strange….it is Halloween you know and I am dressed as a werewolf, well I am not really but I am behaving like one to my family as they never got all the washing done.
It’s good to be home!_